Neo Gothic Appeal

Isola di Loreto

Isola di Loreto


I didn’t set out to research neo gothic architecture.  It all happened by accident when  friend was telling me about the architecture of the college he works for and the term neo gothic came up.  So, of course, I Googled it.

You see pictures of anything with that style of architecture and you think princesses and princes, sword fighting and well, vampires.  Hey, how can you not think vampires when you see some of it? 

But along with all the traditional neo gothic buildings, I came across this gorgeous picture of a castle in the middle of an Italian lake. 

Isola di Loreto.  I haven’t found much information on it, nor do I actually care, but the picture of it is just perfect for a story.  Heavens if I should know what story, but it’s just too perfect to not  tuck the idea away for a later date.

It’s somewhat reminiscent of the manor/castle used at the very end of Casino Royale with Daniel Craig.  And well, wouldn’t a castle like that be perfect for a spy novel?

So,  there the castle idea sits, and I wonder, what will I do with it.

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