Maybe that's all my scenerios are. Just bla, bla bla

For some reason, I’m not sure why, but I create all kinds of little ‘scene’s for a book I’m writing.  Or books, as is the case, since I have more than one book.  And book is really being presumptuous as Nothing is beyond a chapter.

But, I am excellent at creating little snippets of a scene that I might, just might, use.  I’m sure half the time it will never come to fruition, but I wonder sometimes if just the practice of writing an idea will help in the long run.  Maybe it helps me clarify who a character is. 

Problem is, half the time, I have no idea where this little whatever, is going to go.  And I spend more time writing little scenarios, than actually getting to the meat of a book. 

Plots?  Never.  My plots are terrible.  Actually, half the time I don’t even have a plot.  Part of that may come from writing romance.  It’s all pretty, uh, typical when it comes to romance plots.  And really, how many times do you want to hear the same kind of story told over and over in the same manner with only location and names changed?  Probably why I am so specific if I am gonna read a romance novel.  It had better have a pretty good catch.

And see, I don’t think I have the catch part down yet.  So I write a bit here and a bit there.

I was doing it last night at half past midnight. Writing  300 words or so of an idea that goes to a ‘book’ that probably will never go anywhere.  But they keep me happy.  Now if I could only make them coalesce into something more.

Well, in my delusional mind, maybe it will become something.  For now, I guess I just look at it as writing practice.

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3 thoughts on “Snippets

  1. have you ever read Stephen King’s _On Writing_? i really recommend it. he is the KING (ba da CHA!) of powering through writer’s block, and he has good advice and methods.

    • Never gotten all the way through it, though I need to. Because he totally has the best ideas ever for writing, even thought I will never read one of his books. I really really really need to finish his book!

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