Night Owl Writing

Whoo hooo, is up writing?

I don’t know what it is about the nighttime, but that is when it seems I find the most inspiration.  Here it is, almost half past one in the morning, and I’m writing.  Well,  not writing anything of terrible importance, but still, I’m writing.

I think sometimes it comes from thinking all day about something, and finally by evening, the ideas mesh into something worthwhile that can be put on paper.

Well that and I love to be up at night.

I tried writing first thing in the morning, a few weeks back.  What a disaster.  I sat there tapping my pen on the paper, my mind drifting and practically falling back to sleep.  I think I may have actually dozed once or twice with the pen on paper.  And funny thing was, what I was writing, (children’s book) was all there in my head. Meshed together in a somewhat idea, but it just would not congeal into anything decent.  I waited till that night and the words just flew out of my head.  I mean, I could just type away like there was no tomorrow.

After that one experience, I decided, morning writing was not for me. Yes, it doesn’t take much to dissuade me from going a certain direction.  And since I have embraced the face that morning is just not my thing, nighttime writing has become easier.  Granted, nothing ‘big’ has come of it, but maybe at some point.

Besides, there is something cozy about being in my double bed with my dog snoring beside me that is just, well, more inspiring.  I find writing in bed very relaxing.  Maybe it is the notion that I can click off my light (or laptop as is the case right now) and crash.  Pillows surrounding me, down comforter over me.

See?  Doesn’t that sound nice?  So, the writing of a night owl shall probably continue.

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4 thoughts on “Night Owl Writing

  1. haha, i’m the same way! although my writing usually starts to turn to gibberish before i nearly fall asleep on my keyboard! ah well, take the good with the bad, i say.

  2. I like to write late at night as well! For a while, I documented the date and time of everything I wrote, and I found that I actually write better stuff after midnight! It’s a funny thing, these creative quirks.

    • I seem to write best at night, which is really hard to do with the family business I’m in. (Growing vegetables is not condusive to late night writing) I usually don’t document the time and date of everything I write, though I have wanted to. I forget, then when I go back, I can’t remember what date it was. I do try to date my poetry. The little I do.
      Ah yes, the funny creative quirks of writer’s. Wonderful things.

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