Writing Like Castle

Who's the writer? Castle or Fillion?

Either Nathan Fillion is a writer or he is one of the best actors in the world.  Watching the show Castle the other night, my mother made an observation about the gorgeous Mr. Fillion.  He must really write, was what she thought.  Her reasoning was because of how his character, Rick Castle,  has      this  amazing  ability to come up with plots out of nowhere, and also how well he executes the appearance of that.

Now granted, you do have writers creating a script for the actor to follow, but I wonder, is it possible that  a being a writer is inherent in a person’s motions?  Will you act a certain way because you write?  Having not met enough writers, I can’t say. 

All I can say is, I am envious of creating plots out of thin air.  Okay, that’s not precisely true. I do create ‘plots’, though sadly lacking in stability, though I don’t think they are quite as flashy as Castle.  But maybe that is because I don’t have a gorgeous sidekick/listener on the other side. Castle has Kate Beckett, now all I need is a hunky guy to listen to me.

Joking aside, the ability to toss out an idea and make it work is envious.  Maybe someday I will have that ability, but for now, I just keep working on writing a decent plot, and maybe someday, some far away future, I’ll be spitting plots out in the middle of a bar on  a Saturday night.

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