Lack of Writing

I haven’t felt much like writing.  There have not been any insightful ‘blog’ moments.  Nothing worth writing about at all.  It’s been a boring week.  It’s not like I haven’t had a thought or two, but nothing mind jarring or exciting.

Fog, rain, and cold do not a story make.  Okay, that’s not quite  true.  But they don’t do much for me.  All I have to say about it is fog makes my hair frizz, rain is good for the ground, and cold makes it hard to focus, except on the cold.

I had a brief moment of weather related inspiration earlier this week, but it wasn’t enough to sit down.  Now, I’ve totally forgotten what it was, so honestly, it must not have been worth thinking about.

I suppose the only thing of interest might be incorporating a temporary addition to the family, a little girl dachshund named Heidi,  into my children’s books about a dachshund.  And that’s actually a good idea.  I just need to play around with the idea.  Which means sitting down and tapping something out, or pulling out a notepad and writing it.  Neither of which sound that exciting. 

See, I’m just lacking in motivation.  And it’s not like writers block.  It’s just sheer laziness I think.  Wow, that sounds bad.

Eh, well maybe it is to be blamed on the holiday and the mind focus on everything Christmas.  Hey, I think I will blame it on that.

So for now.

[not] Writing on



2 thoughts on “Lack of Writing

  1. I’m kind of like you (but slightly different) lol 🙂
    I’m a songwriter…and ever since the beginning of December…I haven’t found inspiration to write anything…maybe it’s just cause I’m lazy…I’m hoping that I get a hit of inspiration sometime soon 🙂

    I hope you get the hit of inspiration that you need too 🙂

    • Well, I don’t feel so bad then that I don’t have inspiration. I hope you find it as well with the coming of the new year. I figure once the holiday rush is over, my mind won’t be bombarded with all things Christmas and I will get back to normal. lol. Thanks so much for reading!

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