Dream Writing

Dreams: Crazy brain or writing inspiration?

 I don’t know about most people, but I dream like crazy. Always have, and though at times, they can be terribly disturbing, most have gone on to add color to my life in thought patterns and who knows what.  One way that I have utilized my dreams is to take part of one and turn it into a story. Or to continue on with what might have happened had I not woken up.

I have actually had great ideas while dreaming.  Granted, half the time, they are all mixed up and rarely do they make tons of sense, there are times when a whole story is there.  I’ll wake up, jazzed and thinking to myself, “alright! I’ve got something here!”  I’ll usually spend the day thinking about what it was in the dream that was most vivid, and play out scenarios.  Rarely do I write it down when I wake up.  (I am NOT a morning person, so writing in the morning is a drag.)  If I am lucky, or if I actually take the time, I will write down what I can of the dream, later on. But rarely do I ever do that.  What I do instead is start writing the premise of the story I’ve created from the dream, and go from there.  Sometimes I start with the whole, ‘before the dream even started’ plot.  I have one story that came to be from a dream, and I have yet to even write the part that happened in the dream.  That was two or three years ago. No, pardon, four years.  I still have the vividness of the dream in my head, even though I have yet to congeal it into anything on paper.  The whole beginning chapters are already written and everything.

It’s actually quite interesting to me.  It gives me an out; a creative edge to the regular you see in life. Because, honestly, are dreams ever regular? There is always something odd in them.

And I’ve  heard that it is good tow write down your dreams, but I’ve never had the patience for doing that. Especially not in the morning, as I said above.  Most of the time I forget what I dreamed about, except for the ones that have significance.  Personally, I don’t think it is necessary to write down every dream you have.  That is too much, to my taste.  But to try to write down and create from the ones that made a difference. Now that is something.

So, does anyone else ever get inspirations from dreams?  Do you ever write them down?  Do you create from them?  I’d love to know if other writers, or even non writers, work with their dreams.  So feel free to drop me a comment here.

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2 thoughts on “Dream Writing

  1. I’m very jealous. I very rarely dream. But when I do I get so excited that I try to tell everyone. I find that if I don’t recount them in some way (writing works best) I don’t remember them longer than about a half hour. Most of what I dream is unpleasant or weird… Ahh to dream something fun… sighhhh.

    I have another friend, Tiffany, who is a prolific writer and she dreams a LOT. Actually, most of the stories she writes are based on her dreams.

    • Maybe it has something to do with types of writing. Not sure, but I actually look forward to dreaming. I am sorry you do not dream anything fun. That’s kind of a bummer. I’m actually lost when I don’t dream 😛

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