The Places You’ll Go (or write)

The City by the Bay

I read in a book about romance writing that you take something like five places you’ve been, five things you’ve done, and you have yourself a wealth of ideas to write about.  Because of that little bit of advice, I’ve changed my writing to a more ‘localized’ feel.  I have stopped writing about a girl who lives in a super big city, like New York.  As I have never been to NY.  It’s impossible to write about something you know nothing about.  And you can Google to your heart’s content, but it still will not give you the feel of a place you have never been to.

I am now a firm believer in researching, but research will only get you so far before you need to experience it yourself.  There was a topic for ‘The Daily Post‘, and this was for yesterday, about the three  countries I’d want to visit.  As that doesn’t relate, I’m changing it to the three places I want to write about.

I would love to base a story in San Francisco.  My father grew up in the Bay Area, and I was born there.  But we moved out of there before I was old enough to experience everything ‘Big City’.  I would love to go back there and have the opportunity to write about San Fran.  I think it looks like an amazing place.  I want to spend weeks researching the area, eating at the great restaurants hopping in the cool out-of-the-way shops, visiting China Town. 

I would love to visit New York, the big apple, NY…. It looks incredible!  And as there are a lot of shows that take place in NY, it just makes it all that more exciting.  There is so much that can happen there, and can be done there.  The place has got to be magical.

And lastly, I want to write about somewhere warm.  Like Hawaii warm.  Florida, Texas, Louisiana.  I’ve lived in colder climates most my life, and I want to write about somewhere warm. I want to visit somewhere warm.  A story taking place in the French Quarter would be so much fun. 

But to write about any of these places, I need to visit.  Right now I am on a slight binge to write about a hotel in Ashland, OR.  But I have been there many times.  No, I do not know the town perfectly, but I do know where there are a lot of cool shops. I know and have been to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival two times, along with drooling over the play schedule.  So I feel more competent about rambling about said place.

The places you can go , or dream about going, but just remember to research them if you are gonna write about them.

So for now….

Writing On



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