Character In My View

Do you ever find yourself watching a movie, television show, or reading a book about a character, and you want to know more about that character?  Or you want to write about that character?  It hasn’t happened often to me, but there have been times here and there I want to expand on a character I’ve seen or read about, and put my twist on it.

Tesla Yourselves...

Case in point, Nikola Tesla played by Jonathan Young on the show Sanctuary.  I have liked his character ever since I saw him, and as the seasons have gone on, I look forward to watching him.  This season has been even more enjoyable because he has been a part of the cast for a fair amount of episodes.

Watching is all well and good, but I found I wanted to play off of his character and write stories that are about him.  So, I have gone and started playing with his character.  He’s sarcastic, funny, arrogant, charming, a good dresser, and a brilliant person.  Doesn’t hurt that he was a vampire at one time and is now magnito-boy.  It makes it fun.

There have been other times I’ve wanted to write about a character in my own way, or change what I saw.  Some examples: Jacob Black (Twilight Saga), Mr. Darcy (need I  say more?), Cinderella, Shawn Spencer (Psych), Eliot Spencer(Leverage), name just a few.  And I suppose that is why there is such a thing as fan fiction.  Something I’ve never been too much a fan of in general, but I can see it’s appeal.  It gives the reader/watcher a chance to have a bit of fun and expand on their ideas.

So, I guess I am branching out into a form of fan fiction.  You know, I don’t mind so much, especially if I get to delve into my fantasies of a Nikola Tesla.

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7 thoughts on “Character In My View

  1. Fanfiction is a truly excellent exercise. Aaaand Nikola Tesla is a truly delightful character (and, of course, historical figure). I’d love to read what you write!

      • Haha! I think fanfiction is one of the great mysteries of our time. I wish I could devote more time to discussing and teaching and learning about it!

  2. Okay I LOVE Tesla, and playing with his character is SO MUCH FUN! I do it mostly with fanfiction, but other than that, roleplaying is another fun way to do it. For the moment on Tumblr and an invision free site i play Henry Foss instead of Tesla because the group I’m with already has a Tesla.

      • Jonathon Young does do an AMAZING job playing him. And yeah role playing is fun, especially when you have partners who can sound very much like the characters they play.

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