From Point A to B

I love to write scenarios.  I’ve already posted about writing snippets here and there.  You can read that here.  And I’m terrible at plots, but occasionally something will pop into my head and I have just got to write it down.  A short story idea, chapter, paragraph.  I’ll have a ton of thoughts flying through my head.  Most commonly the beginning and end.  Then comes the problem.

Getting from beginning to end.  You know, all that middle stuff that kind of makes it important.  The whole reason you have the ‘end’.  Yeah, well that’s where I struggle many times.  For instance.  Today I was writing a story idea I had about the alcohol, absinthe.  I got this idea from a dream, I wrote about that a few days ago, and I have the just of the plot, but getting even little things like this guy, at what point does he walk to position 1, and how does he do it?  I can go from him being in a certain spot to after when he gets to position 1.  It’s all the filler that I sit there going uhhhhhh.  Tapping my pen, clicking the button, annoying people with my annoyance that I have no freaking clue how he got to point B.

And quite frequently, that is why I have no plot.  I have the beginning.  A great beginning.  Wonderful, huge, just right. (or so I tell myself in my head) and I have a wham bang finish (again, so I tell myself).  Yet I have no idea how we get to that wham bang finish.

I’m working on trying to write in smaller sentences, ones that are not over ten words long.  I have a tendency to use lots of commas and make over large sentences.  And this has actually helped as I state the obvious and work off of that.  Is it full proof?  Not even, but I have been able to work it through the past few days and actually end up somewhere.  Whether or not it will keep working, we’ll see.

I actually got the idea of shorter sentences from Steven King‘s On Writing.  Not that I agree completely with his idea how to write, but he does have a point at not adding in all the filler. You know, just state it as it is.  Course he also doesn’t believe in a lot of adverbs, and I’m sorry, but I love my adverbs.  And I’m sorry, I’m a girl, so um, yeah, I am going to write more flowery and less matter of fact.  It’s impossible to write like a guy. Nor do I want to, so there.

However, shorter sentences are credited to him for directing me a bit differently.  Another reason is due to reading Heatwave and Naked Heat by Richard Castle.  (yes, it’s all fake for those of you who don’t know)  Whoever writes those books doesn’t go into detail.  I mean like girly detail.  I still have no idea what Nikki Heat or Jameson Rook look like.  There is no description of them in the books, yet it doesn’t detract from the story.  You don’t even notice you have no clue whether Nikki is blonde, redhead, or brunette.  Sure, you replace the images of the character to Kate Beckett and Richard Castle, because you have no clue.  Again, though, you don’t need to know all of that information to make it fun to read.

So, I’m attempting to go into less detail about the non necessaries.  Keep to the point and don’t stray with the walls being one color or another. Whether heroine #1 is wearing a red blouse or blue, or hero #3 is tall or short.

But, those inbetweens of A and B still are alluding me a smidge.  Maybe just writing on a regular basis will help that.

On a side note, I’ve already failed with the post a day thing.  As there was a day break between my last post. Well, a post a week is more my thing, and if I go over that, well then, so what.

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5 thoughts on “From Point A to B

  1. I love adverbs too! Although as a teenager I tended to go a little… overboard with them. One of my friends finally told me it was impossible to read what I wrote because I’d fit seven adverbs into one sentence. It was a little over the top.

    Sometimes I find just writing and forcing the characters to get through things is one of the best tools. Because even if it sucks, during revisions you can go back and change it.

    • Ah yes, what could be more fun than adverbs or, gasp, adjectives? I know the feeling of overboard with them.

      That is an excellent idea. I may have to try the forcing method. I usually just let my character or plot get out when it wants… a passive approach if you ask me, but forcing might work. Ah, the world of revisions…. that is a wonderful thing. Part of my favorite thing of writing is going back and re-editing… over and over. 😛

      • It’s a blast to edit. People tell me they hate editing. I have no clue why. And I’m famous for editing before I write, then going back and re-editing before I write again… I think I edit more than I write sometimes.

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