Walking and Plotting

I was reading a post at the beginning of December, from the ex-agent, now published author, Nathan Bransford. It was all on the importance of exercise for writers. You can read the post here. —–> Nathan Bransford – Blog: The Importance of Exercise for Writers.

Now, I’m not much for exercise. (yes, I did say that) It’s not that I don’t want to be fit, but well, I can be a bit lazy at times. That’s not to say I’m just a total bum, but my form of exercising is walking. I live three quarters of a mile from town, and it’s all uphill to get there, though gradual. The post office is at the top, and the library a bit before that. So since I am always going to both, I walk it. And when I walk, I think. I plot. I plan. I come up with marvelous ideas while I walk. It’s that little bit of ‘me’ time when I don’t have someone wanting something, or feeling the need to be doing something. I’m getting from home to town. There is nothing else to do in that time period of about fifteen minutes.

It’s brilliant. The fresh air is truly amazing for thinking. Even in the dead of winter, when it is freaking cold out, I still can come up with amazing things. I love that I can do that. Now, half the time, I do not have a piece of paper with me, so I forget a lot of what I think about. Blame that on the over-active imagination and brain. However, there are times, the idea is just right and it get’s me to where I need to be.

Another thing about walking is I usually have my mp3 player with me, so the music helps some things to gel. Plus, well, music is my relaxing mechanism. So mix walking with music, and I’ve got this mini brain zapper that gets the juices flowing.

I would recommend it to anyone. And you know, I think if I were riding a stationary bike, I could do the same thing. Or walking on a treadmill. I just don’t have the opportunity for that. So, my method is free. And you know, I think every writer should try it. The spring time is an especially lovely time to be walking and thinking as it is usually just warm enough to enjoy it without getting hot.

So, Nathan Bransford has really got an idea. Try it, you might come up with the next Harry Potter. Or War and Peace. (not that I’ve ever read War and Peace)

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