Writing By Lantern Light

By oil lamp

The other night I had the house to myself, and while eating dinner, I decided to do it by kerosene lamp.  My father has quite a few of them, so it was only a matter of grabbing one that was filled, and easiest to get to.  I lit it, set it in the middle of the table, and proceeded to eat my lovely omelet and write as I enjoyed dinner.

There is a magical quality to writing by a different light source than your standard incandescent lightbulb.  And I’m not talking sun, or something bright like my laptop as well.  No, I’m talking flame.  Candle, lantern, oil lamp, etc, there is something so inspiring about writing with that kind of light.  You feel enclosed in the darkness, but it is a warm darkness.  Just enough light to write by, but not so much that you see everything around you.  Impossible to get really distracted.

Now, I didn’t get very much written, that omelet was just a bit distracting, but it was something I will have to try again in the near future.  Course, that same night I wrote by Christmas tree lights as well. 

A Hermes typwriter, just like my mom's.

 Using a, gasp, typewriter.  Yes, I pulled out my mother’s old typewriter that we keep for those times when we need the  old-fashioned thing.  I didn’t want to plug the printer into my laptop to print off my query letter.  So I sat down in front of the Christmas tree, which surprisingly enough, gave out quite a bit of light.  And I plunked away with the typewriter.   Part of me would like to see how inspired I could be using the typewriter, but on the other hand, it’s a bit noisy, I think my father might have issues, correcting can be a hassle, and well, um, my fingers hurt a bit after pounding the keys.  I think I may be a bit spoiled by my laptop.

However, it was fun to do something different for a change.  Mixing up how you write adds a new creativity to your arsenal.  Always a good thing to have.  Usually I mix it up by writing by hand, something that is appealing to me more and more.  For ages I would only type, but now, since I don’t want to be lugging my laptop upstairs then down, I keep paper on hand, along with my infamous disappearing Zebra pens.  I’d like to try writing with a fountain pen, but the one I have that was a gift, tends to send out more ink than I can keep up with. I pause too much on the paper when I write. I’d end up with, well, ‘inksplatters’.  (see the web address for this blog)

So, in conclusion, as I have now rambled on further than I meant to, lantern light. Fun way to write. Along with typewriters, pens, paper, fountain pens…. Mixing it up seems to be the key.  Keeps the creative juices flowing.

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