Sunny Inspiration

Sun makes me want to write

Maybe it is the sun, or maybe it was the warmer weather today, (yeah cause just a hair over 40 is like a heat wave) but I felt incredibly inspired to write.  I didn’t get anything written, but well, I was inspired.

Specific seasons, and decent weather are always easier for me to write in.  I love to write in the spring and autumn.  Rarely am I writing in the summer as it is too hot. I love the summer, and I have all kinds of ideas for that time of year, but usually I’m just well, hot.  I may work on something that is an idea started, but hardly ever do I start something new.

And I almost never write when it is dreary.  I love dreary at times, and I have inspiration for dreary… rain, fog, ice, snow, thunder, storms, wind……Sure, I have a ton of ideas, but they never amount to anything when I try to write if the weather is like that.  Go figure.

Yeah, spring and autumn are my inspirational seasons.  Now obviously today it was neither one of those, but the sun was warm, bright, out (the fact that it was sunny was an inspiration in itself), got my juices going.  Again, still didn’t  t write a thing but a page in my journal. Oh well, maybe later tonight.

I was hunting/decluttering my inspiration paper piles and I found all kinds of things to write about.  Course, after filing them in the proper places, I’ll probably forget about them.  I am forever forgetting to go back to my files to get inspiration.  I think I’m a lost cause.  Oh well, at least I have them if I need them in a pinch.

And now that I have written my daily post…. I’ll call it a night for this.

Writing on


(the picture is one I took this summer.)


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