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Music to inspiration

For some reason, music is what has inspired half of what I write.  I will hear a song and all of a sudden, there is this magical world I’ve come up with, all because of a song.  Simon and Garfunkle’s ‘Bookends’ has created a whole story that has nothing to do with the song, but it inspired the name a of a bookstore I’m writing about.

Then there are the songs that just immediately click with a character and I must have them around to remind myself of what the character is like.  For instance, I’ve got this boxer/fighter guy, very similar to Christian Kane’s character of Eliot Spencer on Leverage.  Just the other day listening to Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m on Fire” set the song for my ‘Eliot’ character.  It fits him perfectly.

Another is the song “Uptown Girl” by Westlife. Not Billy Joel, sorry.  But the Uptown Girl goes with a story about a girl who is classy.  I know, that doesn’t say a lot, but it fits, trust me.

From inspiration to the page...

 Many times I’ll hear a song and think to myself, I have got to use that at some point to write something.  Songs like that are One Republic’s “Secrets”, Josh Groban’s “Mi Morena” and “So She Dances”, Michael Buble’s “Save the Last Dance For Me”.  There is a wealth of ideas in my playlists, cd collection, and Itunes Library. 

And this is also why I can’t listen to music while I type. I end up getting distracted by a song and thinking about how it fits with something, or how it would work with something.  A very dangerous thing if I’m writing.  Because I will get distracted and if I was on a roll, I’m shot to pieces and I may not get that flow back for ages.

But music is very much a part of my work and how I write.  It also affects my life when I read. Certain songs go with certain books, or they will make me think of a certain character.  I still can’t hear a Paul Desmond song and not think of Anne of Green Gables. The song fit the book at the time and when I think of the song, I think of the book.

Yeah, I’m weird like that.   But I really don’t care. I can have to loves that coincide with each other perfectly.  It’s actually really nice.

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3 thoughts on “Musical Inspiration

  1. One of my favorite things while reading (whether it be book or comic) is to know what the writer/artist was listening to while creating. Because it’s very true: what they listen to influences what they create! Sometimes they’re lame, or unconnected, but most of the time, it’s like catching a peek into their minds and gives a scene a TON more meaning.

    • Totally agree! As much as I have issues with half of Stephenie Meyer’s playlists, it is interesting to know what she had going through her head when writing the Twilight Saga.

      Dare I tell you that one song I’m using as inspiration is Jay Sean’s “Do You Remember?” I know, just laugh. Please do.

      You would probably die laughing at half of what I use for inspiration.

      • Haha! That’s okay, I use songs of ALL kinds when I write. It can range from “SexyBack” to a Sufjan Stevens song called “The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades.” :] Nothing like a good giggle at myself and my own silliness.

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