A Bar Plot

Classy Bar

I’ve just had a brilliant beyond brilliant idea!  Okay, maybe you all won’t think so, but I do.

I was thinking about the episode of Castle, “Last Call”.  It’s an episode where Castle talks of owning a bar, then suddenly he does. . .

I have to write about a guy who owns a bar.  Wouldn’t that be great?  I mean, talk about interesting people you meet, the fact that you work at night.  They are a good business to be in as liquor is well, a lucrative business.  And I’m not talking a small town bar, but more of a really good bar.  The kind where you would see a lady with class stop after work to get a martini.  Maybe where a lawyer would rub elbows with an electrician. 

Okay, that might be pushing it a bit, but I don’t want seedy. Elegant, classy, cool.  Richard Castle cool.  Because, honestly, that is what Castle is.  He is very cool.

A bar worthy of Castle

So take a guy like Castle owning a bar, and writing about that.  Maybe you have a girl, cause there is Always a girl, who comes in one night.  Maybe she just had a really hard day and needs to wind down. Or maybe she was just laid off.  Broke up with her boyfriend.  Wow, there are a wealth of ideas in that capacity. 

I honestly can’t wait to put a character to that.  I’ve already got a name.  Clay.  That sounds like something that would be cool for a bar owner.  Maybe not everyone would think so, but I am writing this.  This is my fantasy.

I really don’t need to start another ‘book’.  Seriously.  I have something like five that I work on, on a regular basis, and adding another is just silly, but when you have a brain like mine that is always going, well I just have to put it down.  I might decide to work on it, or it may go into the ‘files’ of unknown to come out someday when I have a smidge more inspiration.

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2 thoughts on “A Bar Plot

  1. I wish you well on your writing career. Good luck on your Post a Week goal for the year.

    Some other location based setting with a variety of stories that come from those that frequent the setting:

    1. Church
    2. Library
    3. Traffic court
    4. Homeless shelter
    5. Divorce court
    6. Coffee bar

    Just some thoughts.

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