Writing Implements

 I was finishing up my ‘Naked Heat‘ by Richard Castle, book this evening, and I got so excited when there in the book Rook uses as Circa notebook.  I suppose to anyone reading this would wonder at my excitement, but it’s all because I have been drooling over the Levenger catalogue, and the, Circa notebooks.

Course, I’m also drooling over the fountain pens, the bookends, bookshelves, games, luggage, laptop cases… Need I go on?  Levenger is a delicious catalogue for any reader/writer.

Circa Notebook Style

Anyways, to own a Circa notebook, it’s not exactly cheap. Nor is it to use a fountain pen.  But yum. Can you think of a nicer way to write?   Well, maybe, but still. YUM.

I usually do most of my writing on my laptop.  The novels, major poetry revisions, short stories, etc.  Everything at some point or another gets tapped up and spell checked on my laptop.  I find it the best way to see my word count, cause face it, I do not want to word count some of my stuff, nor do I know how.  So, Corel Word Perfect tackles that for me.

However, though I use my laptop for the bulk of everything, I do like to jot a lot of my ideas down on paper.  The pen of choice is my Zebra pen, blue as that is my color, or my stainless Zebra pen.

Not a Zebra pen, but I could see myself using this...

Paper.  Well see that all depends on what I have close at hand.  I would rather have it all combined, so I try to remember to get one of my composition books to write in, but sometimes I just am either lazy, or I’m not near them.  So any scrap of paper I have on hand will do. Blank is best, but hey, sometimes I don’t even have blank.

Addicted to these

I’ve gotten to where I try to take a piece of notebook paper in my pocket at all times, just in case.  Or I’ll grab a sheet of paper from one of my letter writing pads, but I always try to have paper on hand.  If I remember, I try to take my new spiral notebook with me.  But as of yet, I have two lines of text, one line with a name, and some scribbles at the top.  I’ve had the notebook for over two months.  I can’t say as I’ve been terribly inspired.  Of course, the notebook was purchased strictly for when I go out, to have a notebook.   I may be inspired when I go out, but trying to write is sometimes tricky. 

I don’t like to be bothered by anyone as writing is somewhat personal. Heck, I have a hard enough time telling people I have written children’s books that I’m  trying to get an agent for.  That and well, I’m usually busy when I am out. Like shopping, or going out to eat, or something.  But I take the notebook with me just in case.  (I found that five sheets of loose notebook paper just didn’t work so well.)

So those are the typical things I do when I write, though at times I will use what I have on hand.   Granted, I don’t pull out crayons or Sharpie markers, but if that’s all I had, I’m sure I would.  I do try to stick to pens or pencils.  Technical pencils being almost as nice for writing as a pen.

And come to think of it, I use my Bic technical pencil for writing in my small poetry notebook.  (it’s green with a  faux leather cover)   The pencil works nice for that as I erase a lot with poetry.

A collection of writing instruments

So I use just about anything on hand to write with.  And now that I’ve gone on about all of that, I’ll stop. I’m sure I’ve bored you, but well, thank you for stopping by.

I’ll finish up with, I’m jealous of Jameson Rook/Richard Castle for having a Circa notebook and fountain pen to write with.  I want one. Or two…. Maybe more.  I love having notebooks and paper and pens to write with. The more, the merrier.

Writing on



One thought on “Writing Implements

  1. Nothing is as wonderful as inspiring tools! I hope you get your dream tools one day, and that you create amazing things with them (although I’m certain you already create amazing things ;] ). I know what you mean about keeping paper nearby at all times: I buy and make all kinds of tiny booklets so I can stuff them in purses and coats and wallets and pants and ANYTHING I can!

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