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collection, compendium, compilation, set, group, gathering, assortment, assembly: Of Thesauruses

Do you ever sit and read a thesaurus?  I can’t say as I actually ‘read’ the thesaurus, but I can get quite distracted by words in there.  I’ll go to look up variations of a word, and get caught by something else, which leads me to another word, and so on.  (I get distracted easily, so this is nothing new.  You should see me with the encyclopedias)

I find looking through a thesaurus fascinating.  I have one of those inexpensive desk ones; paperback; came with a desk dictionary and synonym book as well.  They were actually my father’s for at work, and they are terribly deficient for what I do.  I seriously need a large, hardbound thesaurus.  But in a pinch, or on a regular basis, it works like a charm.  I’m forever struggling with a word thinking to myself, ‘ I need a word like rash, but it’s not that word, it starts with an ‘I’, now what is that word?”  I’ll know the word, just not be able to remember it.  For anyone’s information, the word I was talking about there was impulsive.  A favorite word of mine, by the way.

I’m forever saying to someone, specifically my parents, “what is the word for–?”  Like I’m a person doing a crossword puzzle or something.  Or I’m on Jeopardy.  “What is a five letter word for?”  And, “Alex, I’ll take obscure words for $300.”   So, thank god for thesauruses.  I would go batty without one. 

My word program has one, sort of.  Though it is desperately lacking in any sense half the time.  Fortunately my laptop came with basic Word, and there is a dictionary/thesaurus there, when my book won’t cut it.  Personally I would rather have the book any day.  Amazingly enough, I can get distracted with the Word program as well. I start just looking up words and ones that relate.

So in a sense, you could say I do read the thesaurus, but it’s not like I’m obsessed. Ooh look, I like that word, fixated.  Oh, there’s another one, fanatical…

Pardon, see there I was distracted again.

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5 thoughts on “Word Treasury

  1. I can’t say I’ve ever read the thesaurus, but I used to love reading the dictionary. Mostly I’d skim for words that I didn’t know or that looked completely outlandish and try to learn them. Later in life, I even got one of those books that has nothing but impossibly obscure or archaic words.
    I always feel slightly guilty when using a thesaurus though. I think “I this word isn’t at the top of my mind, then it isn’t really my word.” I’m a big fan of letting things flow naturally. Still, from time to time, I’ll have the right word scratching at the back of my head, and I go to the thesaurus to let it out.
    P.S. Apparently I’m terrible at spelling thesarus thesaurus.

    • Ah, you were a dictionary reader. I can get very distracted in the dictionary as well. Never read it much, but now…. Oh, I love the obscure archaic words. I have a ‘thesaurus’ of obscure words for the literary minded. Basically, you can sound smart because no one uses those words anymore.
      You know, your idea is very good. If that word doesn’t just come to you, should you try for anything else? Sometimes I end up going back to the original word. So, I totally understand.
      P.S. I won’t tell about the spelling. I was lucky I got the word right the first time. And for the record, I am always spelling things wrong. 🙂

  2. The one gift I knew I wanted this christmas was a thesaurus. I like to read it when I’m looking up a word; it’s really distracting. I’m very pleased with my new paperback thesaurus, I had been using one passed down from my siblings and was last published in the 70’s. Maybe the twin to your edition?

    • Oh yes, thesaurus reading can be very distracting. Wow, how did you know my thesaurus was from the 70’s! Yes, it’s from 1974. I bet it is the twin of yours. I’m thinking I might need to retire it though.

      Thanks for reading!

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