To The Sea She Said

California coast at sunset

I just spent the last two days on the California coast, visiting a girl friend for her birthday.  Is there anything more spectacular than the ocean?  Well, maybe for others, but to me, that was heaven.  I even took my journal, notepad, and poetry book to spend some time writing.  I had all these grand illusions that I would have time to write.  Ha! Not so.

Maybe if I lived on the coast I would have the time to be writing, but for a quick stay, there is no possible way.  There was too much to do, see, smell…. etc.  But I did get some wonderful ideas.

The crashing of the waves at Trinidad State Park, along with the sand and marine life, have got me thinking poetry.  Probably nothing that will rhyme, but who knows.  Feeling the sand between my toes and the icy water washing over them brought a lot of feeling.

But then, so did leaving there.  The emotions that billowed in me almost threatened to swallow me and leave me a wreck. (note to anyone: five hours of sleep each night can do that to you) The ocean is a majestic thing. Beautiful, powerful, magical.  All perfect words to describe it.

So I may start working on things in the next few days in the hope that I might come up with inspiration.  Some of the inspiration comes from my friend, who did something one night that I started writing down.  Hopefully she won’t mind if I create something from it.  Names might be changed…. even though her name is fun.

So keep your eyes peeled on Kate’s Bookshelf, and hopefully I will have some poetry up, or a few paragraphs.  I have to get it down soon or my mind will forget.  And I’m still trying to find the time to write everything I was thinking about last week when I went on a long family shopping excursion.  I swear there is no time to write!

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The picture is courtesy of M. Sheffer,


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