I Can Feel Your Heartbeat

 For some reason this song has gotten me hooked. Probably because it seems very Valentine’s Day-y.  The romance of a heartbeat in tune with another’s seems to be one of those ultimate moments.  They even tell lover’s to breath in tune with one another and it will align your heartbeats.  To me that seems incredibly romantic and intimate.

For me though, the song fits with a dream I had the other night.  A dream where there was this man I had a past relationship with and now was possibly going to have a second chance.  All just my mind fitting the people in and the situation, but it was incredibly emotional.  So mush so that I can still feel my heart pounding like it was in the dream. It felt that real.

Even though it was only a dream, I liked it so much, through even the sad moments, that I started writing about it.  Turning it into a story.  And this song has got me working on it and focusing on it like crazy.  But it fits with the subject of the idea.

Enjoy this random  posting of a song and idea.

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4 thoughts on “I Can Feel Your Heartbeat

  1. Wow, I didn’t know about that whole breathing/heartbeat synchronizing thing. Very cool! I’m so sorry you had to wake up from such a wonderful dream, but I am thrilled that it’s inspired more writing! You have a way of transforming a sadness into a joy. Happy writing!

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