Merlin’s Shrinking Spell

I wish there was a way to shrink my books so that I could carry a pocketful of different books.  I’ve always loved Merlin’s ‘shrinking house’ in Disney’s The Sword In The Stone, where with a “Hockity Pockity”, everything starts to shrink.  I always thought that a spell like that could   come in quite handy when I wanted to take multiple things with me.  On a side note, I could seriously declutter my room with that spell.

The spell would be perfect for notebooks and journals as well.  Just think if you go to the beach.  Forget the Kindle, you have a pocketful of books.

The reason I was contemplating something silly like this is because right at this moment I am reading Sense and Sensibility and carting around with it, Poemcrazy, an Emilie Loring book I love, my journal half the time, my poetry  notebook, and occasionally a few other things.  Oh and did I mention  that S&S is coupled with Pride and Prejudice in the same volume?  So you add that all up and you’ve/I’ve got a fairly large stack of books.  It’s not like I can read all of those at one time, but I do rotate through them depending on my mood.  I just like having certain books with me on a regular basis.  I’d really love to add a dictionary and thesaurus as well, but that is really pushing it.

So a spell  like Merlin’s, or Balthazar’s in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, you know where he folds out the book from itty bitty to massive?  Yeah, that would be nice.  Those five or so books would weigh nothing.  Carry them around in a little bag or something.

And just thing of how nice a spell like that would be when you go to the library.  That 25 pounds I carry almost every week?  Gone!  Just my purse would do.

Oh well.  Since such a spell doesn’t exist, I will have to continue to cart around whatever I’m reading.  It would really help if I wasn’t so interested in everything.  I might be able to cut down the stacks.

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