Unwanted Advice and a Week In Writing

Well, in the scope of things, this has been a productive week when it comes to writing. I have a more ‘final’ draft of a query letter, for which I am quite thankful. I’m not gasping in panic as much. I was actually able to tell two separate people that I write. That right there is always an adjustment I have to make. To not be afraid to tell people I write.

Of course, telling people I write has its drawbacks. It’s inevitable that if you tell someone you write, that at some point they will try to give you advice, or tell you what to write. Even if they are not writers themselves. Actually, on the whole, I have never had another writer tell me what I should or shouldn’t do.  It’s actually people who do not write that end up giving me unwanted advice.  As if saying “Oh, I’m a writer” is the shoe in to tell me what I should write and any number of items.

It may be free, but that doesn't mean I want it...

For instance, a guy who’s interested in me decided that I needed to talk to another writer that lives around here.  He didn’t ask me if I knew the person, was needing advice, or was interested.  It was a , “you should check her out and get some information.”  Excuse me?  Do I come to your place of work and tell you how to do your job?

It really would be no different from a mechanic telling someone how to be a baker, or what to bake,  and the mechanic has never put a thing in the oven.  Yeah, that makes a ton of sense.

Seriously though, have you had that happen to you?  You tell someone you write and they start telling you what you should write?  What you should do with your career?  Oh, and if you have a plan and idea and are confident in what you are doing, these non writers are disappointed or irritated they can’t give you advice.

So, I still am finding it hard to tell people I write, or what I plan to do.  And it’s not with just writing. There are other areas in my life people feel the need to give me unsolicited advice.  Thank you, but honestly, could you just butt out?  Thank you.

I know, I’m ranting.  I think my father is rubbing off on me as I have now had three rants in the past week.

On a happier note, I have been working more on writing poetry.  Granted, it’s free form, so not very exciting.  I have specific ideas on poetry, and anything good in my category, rhymes.  However, free form makes writing easier as it helps me loosen up.  I am, of course, relying on Poemcrazy to spur little moments of inspiration.  It helps me think of things in a different light.

As of yet, I'm not an addict.

Oh, and I have decided no one should ever try to emulate Jane Austen as a writer.  I love her writing, and I am reading Sense and Sensibility right at the moment with a girl friend. ( I should add that I am not terribly into S&S right now as it is dragging on)  Any ways, Jane Austen’s prose is, well, wordy.  Sure, I get that it was the time period, but there has got to be an easier way to say some of those things.  I can’t even imagine trying to diagram any of these sentences, and yet a part of me wants to, to see if it would help me understand what she is really saying.  And that is actually saying something as I hated  diagraming in school.   It was one of the banes of my schooling. Important, but annoying. 

But I think Jane Austen was odd when it came to saying something.  And yet, I loved Persuasion.  Now, that book starts off wordy.  Really wordy.  Maybe it was the premise.  The to have loved and lost and to find it again.  I blame it on the movie The Lake House.  Because Sandra Bullock’s character loved the book, I knew I wanted to read it.  I thought, after reading the book, that Sandra’s synopsis of it seriously lacking, but that was what made me want to read it anyhow.

The 'emma thompson' adaptation.

I’m also prejudiced (no pun intended) against S&S right now because I’ve seen the film with Emma Thompson.  And I have this theory that if I’ve seen a film and liked it, then I probably won’t like the book.  And if I’ve read a book and loved it, then I probably won’t like the film.  Two exceptions so far, as I loved Twilight (excluding the really weird meadow scene) and Persuasion.

Sigh worthy Col. Brandon (Alan Rickman)

So, for a week of not a ton of excitement, and annoying advice, I’ve managed to rattle on for over 800 words.  Whew!  Not bad.  Oh, and this whole post had to be retyped because I forgot to save it earlier today in draft form.  I thought the first post much better, but well, c’est la vie.

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4 thoughts on “Unwanted Advice and a Week In Writing

  1. I totally understand what you’re talking about! I don’t even consider myself a writer and I still got an email from someone telling me that the topics I blog about are too narrow. I think whenever you put your work “out there” for people to read– they feel inclined to critique it.

    Keep writing. I love your stuff 🙂

    • People are forever critiquing. Even I do it, so I understand… Though really going off on a “You should do…” when you have no clue… It’s not very nice. Bummer about the email you got. Personally, I love your ‘narrow’ topics. 🙂 They bring a smile to my face, and sometimes a skip in my step. It’s always nice to have something perky in the day. Or really, really, girly.

      Thank you for reading. Love your stuff too!

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