Random Sentences

  As a writer, I suppose that my brain is always going.  Since admitting to myself that I write, I find my thinking has also changed so that now I will look at situations or come up with story ideas I want to write.  As if it has helped open the flood gates.

One thing that catches my attention all the time is random sentences that pop into my head.  Out of nowhere, a random, and I do mean random, sentence is just there.  Half the time I forget it, or toss aside wondering why I need something, then other times I wonder, hmm, would that make a good story?  Or would it play out and be used in a story?  I want to take it and spin off of it.  Kind of like those writing hints that some places give out as writing prompts.

For instance today at lunch, all of a sudden the sentence, “The drama in the courtroom was thick with implication.”  Why this?  No clue.  I haven’t been thinking about courtrooms or anything.  No idea at all why this would be in my head.  Part of me wants to see where it could lead if I tapped something out with this, but at the same time, I’m not even sure why I would want to.

However, sometimes I think that I might be able to come up with something interesting.  For instance. I’m sure Albert Berg never knew how popular his statement, “It would be totally radical to write a story about a guy who gets sick and pukes up a human finger, and he doesn’t remember how it got there.”, would become.  Now, he has been encouraged to write about it, which he has done.  (see his post here )

So obviously, random sentences do count, it just comes down to, what are you going to make them into?  Do you collect them for future use, or do you sit down right then and start plotting it out?  For me, at least right now, unless it really strikes my fancy, I think I will just collect them in my journal.  Just like I collect words, I will collect sentences that might come in handy.  As it is, I collect enough story ideas.  Add in sentences and well, it gets to be a lot of information.  Or too many ideas that I don’t know what to do with.

How do you sort through all the ideas and focus on what’s important?  To that, I have no answer as I am still trying to figure out what I am doing half the time.  Having a brain go at rapid speed at times can be daunting.  You sit there wondering which item to work on and focus on.  And since I have terrible focus, well it can all get a bit hazy at times.  Usually I go with whim.  Whim is very good for me.  Whatever music or weather has inspired what to work on, I go with.  Whether or not it is crucial at the moment.  Not always a good thing, as half the time I don’t finish things I start.

So, collecting the sentences, words and Ideas in my journal is probably safest.  At least I won’t lose them like I do when I type up a random phrase on a notepad on my laptop.  I am forever putting those in files, then forgetting about them.  At least with my journal I reread it at times to re-evaluate life.  So any ideas get brought up again and I can mentally jolt my brain into action again.

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2 thoughts on “Random Sentences

  1. You know the weird thing is, I thought of that concept pretty much as I was typing that sentence. It just sprang into my mind screaming, “Here I am! Pick me!” So I did. And the story that came out of it…well it surprised even me.
    This kind of thing happens to me all the time, although usually it involves story titles. My current favourite is “The Ghosts of Houses.” It just popped into my head, and I have no idea what that story would be about, but it sounds like it would be really cool whatever it is. Anyway, I’ll be posting “The Painted Finger” tommorow so tune in for that. I hope that you like it in a squicky kind of way.

    • I think that for writers, it just works that way. You get that perfect line, sentence, whatever, and it literally screams at you. Oh, to be surprised by a story; that’s fun and good to have happen.

      You are fortunate that you get titles. I struggle with that most of the time, though I have found that many times a song title will spur me on. Right now I have the title, Jar of Hearts running rampant in my head. (it is a song) And I want to write something about it, but I just haven’t figured out how. And I love the title of yours, “The Ghosts of Houses.” Creepy yet very cool. Makes me think of the ghost, Sally, on Syfy’s Being Human.

      Well, good luck working something out for that title, and I am looking forward to tomorrow. Yay. And the finger is painted… Ooooh fun. 🙂

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