Chocolate or vanilla? Or Love Scene or Not

                                                                                                                                         Chocolate or vanilla? | The Daily Post at”  Those were the choices posted on The Daily Post for March 13, 2011.  Well, obviously as I do not discuss much about food, I can’t answer that in flavors.  Instead, my choices delve into bedroom scenes or no  bedroom scenes in a romance book.  And just like in real life with flavors, sometimes you need one or the other; depending on your mood.

Though I might add, when I first read the question prompt, I was thinking of couple’s love lives. Go figure.  I guess my brain isn’t always running in the clean side of things.

So, the question is, do you write the ‘love’ scene in a romance book or not?  Do you keep it squeaky clean, or do you delve into a bit of wicked?

Romance and kisses without the 'something something'?

There was a time period that I was into wanting to write the love scenes in a book, and add in all that, uh, well, you know.  (psst, I’m not embarrassed, I just try to keep this blog clean-ish)  Its only been in the past couple years that I’ve found it isn’t entirely necessary for that to be in there.  You can still have a good love story without the between the sheets.

Yet a part of me wouldn’t mind writing that part either.  It comes down to, do you need it for it to be your typical romance, or can you survive without it?  Will people read the romance if there isn’t the bedroom stuff?

I honestly don’t know how to answer that.  See, I have my own tastes when I read the romance books.  No, I’m not going to state what they are.  And I know what sells, but  I wonder if you can have a good love story and keep it clean. 

Old-fashioned romance

In this day and age where you hook up before you go on a date, it seems like you could only survive with the sex factor.  Yet, in my life, I don’t roll like that.  Ya know?  And I’m not talking your ‘Christian’ love story books.  I’m just talking guy meets girl; gets to know girl; struggle of some type and misunderstanding; guy still wins girl over in the end and sweeps her off her feet.  Who says there has to be those bedroom scenes in there?  Just because it sells.

I have about ten romance stories I’m working on.  (all only about a chapter and numerous ‘ideas’ in my brain) Some of them call for the love scenes and others do not.  And I honestly couldn’t say what made one to need the bedroom, and others that don’t.  Maybe just personal preference, and maybe it’s just what my brain said, okay yeah.  Yet I’m wondering if maybe the ones I don’t have it in there, need it, while the ones that do, don’t need it.  I really have no idea. 

How do you know?  How do you know if a story needs that bedroom thing to make a go of it?  And is it possible to have a good book, that will sell, that doesn’t have the sex, but isn’t a ‘Christian’ style story?  I’m wondering as I play with scenarios.

So, it comes down to, do you write the chocolate version, or the vanilla version?

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2 thoughts on “Chocolate or vanilla? Or Love Scene or Not

  1. A little bit of chocolate and a little bit of vanilla 🙂 I tend to write scenes that bring a lot of sexual tension between the characters, and I may add some “steam” leading up to the bedroom scene. Generally though, I tend to let it remain behind closed doors. I think a love scene can be described without having too many details. I sometimes find myself skipping those scenes in a romance novel if they’re too graphic. But every one has their own personal tastes, both as a reader and a writer. 🙂

    • You know what? I’m a bit of both myself. If not, then Jane Austen would drive me nuts, or I would only read Harlequins. Since neither apply, I take it in stride. It’s a fun challenge to try to view a story a different way if I’ve already planned it a particular way. I love the lead up in a story. That is part of what makes it exciting. I’m not sure it needs all the extra details all the time. Sometimes the imagination is even better.

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

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