A Writer’s Inspiration

The inspiration in a book creates a world of wonder. Even for a budding writer.

Do you remember what it was that first got you writing?  Was it a book, a conversation, a movie, music?

For me, my journey in writing started because my mother handed me an Emilie Loring book.  I still remember the first Emilie Loring I read.  I was 14 at the time and I was shocked she was handing  me an adult romance book.  I was also quite thrilled that I was being allowed an adult book.  I had already flown through half the young adult style books in the Tuolumne County library, Sonora branch.  And that is not a small library.  I was starving for more books.

Fortunately, Emilie Loring is probably the most wholesome romance writer out there next to Jane Austen and Grace Livingston Hill. (an author I do not like, by the way)  Her stories are clean, patriotic, wholesome.  The good wins, the guy always gets the girl, though there is always a struggle through.  Oh, and the guy always knows right away he is in love with the girl and he lets her figure it out.  They are sweet and utterly romantic.

It doesn’t hurt that most of the stories take place from 1925-1950.  One of the best time periods of life, I think.  I love that range of years.  The music, the clothes, the patriotism, etc.

”]Any ways, the first book I read was “Here Comes the Sun”.  Yes, just like the Beatles song, which I can’t help but think about when I read the book.

I own five Emilie Loring’s right now.  “Here Comes the Sun” is one of them.  (okay, I do own a few others, but they are the 1970’s paperback reprints. They do not count)  They are my feel good books.  What I turn to when I need a happy moment.

And it was because of Emilie Loring I started to write.  I was fifteen when I thought to myself, “Hey, I can do something like this.”  Yeah, well not so much.  That first story is the one that I cringe about when I mentioned it in the post “The Magic Title of Writer”.  Yeah, I wasn’t too good, but it was what got me thinking I might try my hand at writing.  Had I not been introduced to Emilie Loring, I might not be writing now.

Okay, that’s probably not true.  I think writers just become because they must.  They have to get it all out, but something will spur them on.  It all depends on the right time and moment, but they would still be a writer eventually.  It’s in our blood.

But I am so glad I fell in love with Emilie Loring and her books.  I’m glad she was my first inspiration to get the words out.  I may never write a romance in my life. I may never pen a novel, but I have the inspiration and dream there waiting if I want to take the pen by the ‘horns’ and start writing something that long. (or finishing as the case may be)  I may only get a children’s book published.  That’s okay.  Had I not had the Lorings, I might not have gone the way I did and ended up writing a children’s book.  Who knows.

So, has something made an impression on you?  Was there a book that got you into the scary world of writer?

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