The First Quarter In Writing

So, it has been three months since I started the Post A Week writing.  Whew! only three months?  That means I have nine more to go?  Yikes! 

No, actually it’s been an amazing thing for me.  I’ve written more in the past three months for my two blogs than I have in the two years I’ve had one of my blogs.  I’ve written at least two posts a week, though at the beginning of the year, I had a couple of weeks where I was writing more frequently.

In the time I’ve completed this much, I’ve learned that I wait till the last moment to get in my quota for the Post A Week.  Usually on the last day of my week, or the day of the new week.  I’m a procrastinator, so I put off.  Though part of that stems from sometimes not knowing what to write about.  This week I have a lot of ideas, so right now I am tapping up a couple of drafts to have on hand.  I won’t have to think so much about them, and they still count.  I won’t post them all, though I will probably want to post a bit more frequently just because I love to get them out. 

I’ve also struggled with the feeling that what I’m writing isn’t really important enough for me to post about.  I know, we all have a voice, and each of us is different, so don’t worry so much, yada yada yada.  I should tell myself  not to worry.  Even though I’ve gotten some great comments, I wonder if I am just tapping away for no reason.

Writer’s self-doubt.  Yeah, we all get it.

On the positive side of things, I have gotten some great comments, and due to that, started reading those commenter’s blogs.  Granted, now I have a lot of blogs I read, and don’t always have time to read, but I’ve met people through WordPress I might not have met any other way.

I’ve made a few new Twitter friends.  And I’ve gotten support from friends and other bloggers.  It’s been really kind of amazing. 

In just three months. 

Oh, and I’ve actually been good at completing writing projects.  This one in particular has been good for me to know that I have to sit down and write two different things each week.  Sometimes they might be crazy.  Sometimes they might not be what anyone wants to read, but I still need to make that time to write.

A good lesson for me.  So while I might wait till the last minute, and I might not have any idea what to write, I do eventually get something out.  And I’m happy with it.


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