Word Envy and the Writer

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Albert Berg wrote about the ‘green-eyed monster’ the other day.    “Doing Battle with the Green-Eyed Monster of Word Count” .  Ah yes.  Word envy.  Happens to me all the time.  I wonder if I’m writing enough, if I should be sitting down more, if I’m being, gasp, lazy.  I read a post last week by Ingrid Sundberg on how many hours it takes to be a writer. “Butt in Chair! Put in the Hours!”  I looked at the results of her breakdown and decided that I’m not really sure I have what it takes to write that much.  Mostly because I’m busy throughout my days and I usually only have time at night to write.  (and between you and me, I get easily distracted on the fifty million emails I need to read through [ I am, of course, exaggerating on the 50 mil…])

There is no possible way I am going to write for 8 hours straight.  I’d go batty, and well, I don’t have 8 hours worth of stuff to write about.  Oh sure, combined time I probably do, but I don’t have that much creativity all at once.  I’m not one of those person’s who can come up with ideas that fast.

I’m actually more of a spur-of-the-moment writer.  When it strikes my fancy.  I’ll be walking along, see something in the meadow, or in town, and boom! I have an idea.   Of course, that is usually when I don’t happen to have any paper on hand.  Catch-22 situation it seems.

I’m kind of spur of the moment a lot of times in my life.  I really should work more on slowing myself down and actually picking a time to write, even if it’s only for  an hour each night before bed.  An hour is still an hour, and that is seven hours a week, which in the scope of things, isn’t very much.  Yet, you can accomplish a fair amount in an hour.

And though I may have word envy, I also know my limitations.  I know that I’m not going to be able to tap out over 1000 words a day.  I’ll be lucky if I get 500.  But I’m usually okay with that.  I have my moments where I’ll have 3000 words just come to me and I’m thrilled.  Granted, few and far between, but again, it’s okay.

Each writer is different.  And each writer gets their inspiration from different areas of life.  We can’t try to be so and so, just because we envy them.  Strive to accomplish that much, sure, but let’s be reasonable.  Let’s not stress ourselves out so much if we don’t  write like someone else.

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2 thoughts on “Word Envy and the Writer

  1. KLB, Thanks for checking out my blog! I would argue that you DO have eight hours worth of creativity and writing in you. But you have to work up to it! Think of this like running. You aren’t going to run a marathon on day one, but your can train and build up your stamina and eventually (if you keep at it) you will be able to run a marathon. Writing is the same way. Creativity is the same way. You have to use it, to hone your craft, and to practice to be able to draw upon it at anytime you like. Keep at it!

    • Thank you so much for your comments. Sometimes we all need a boost of someone saying, get your butt in gear. You have helped that just mentally. So thank you very much. Sometimes we get lost in all the other things out there and forget that we can do something. And plugging away at it, working at it, and building up like you said, we eventually get somewhere.

      Thank you so much for reading, commenting and inspiring me!

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