Make It Right!

My father and I watch a Canadian home repair show.  Holmes Inspection with Mike Holmes.  Maybe you’ve seen it, as they play it on HGTV.

I love that show.  I love the way it’s done, I love that Mike Holmes reminds me of my uncle,  I love that he knows what he’s doing, I love Damon Bennett… Oh, wait, that’s just me dreaming.

Moving on.  One thing that I really love about the show is Mike Holmes’ statement, “Make it right!”

Great statement. 

Right now I’m still working on my query letter for one of my children’s books that I want to publish.  I have been working on a query for ages and ages.  For a while, I was writing a different query for a different book, to the agent I plan to query.  I’ve been working on two different styles now for over a year.  (part of that stems from the distraction issues I have)  I’ve typed it one way, then another. I’ve gotten help from friends, parents, online…. You name it, I’ve been tapping away at different styles and formats.

I’m going to get this, and I’m going to “Make it right!” 

The whole query letter and book publishing thing is a lesson in life at just keep plugging away at it.  If it’s important, you make an effort. You keep working at it to make it right.  As of now, the letter still isn’t quite right.  It has improved drastically over the course of a year.  The wording has gotten better.  The synopsis is getting better.  The greeting is way better than any of my first trials.  And the letter is finally starting to sound like me.

And why wouldn’t it sound like me, you ask?  Well, because I’ve gotten caught up in all the directions of what a query letter is supposed to sound like.  And in the midst of all that, the letter lost sight of who I am.  It sounded cold and impersonal.  It didn’t sound genuine.

Not me at all.  From what everyone has told me, I’m a happy, perky, personal person.  I’ve always got a smile on my face, (even when the day isn’t going so great. [this only applies to the public. Unfortunately my family sees my rotten sides])  I care about people, and I am genuinely interested in what most people have to say.

My letter was not like that at all.  It was all businessy and too professional to the point of where my mom read it and asked who this was that had written it, because it didn’t even sound like me.  My father went on a rant about how it didn’t sound like me at all.

See?  Learning process.  Make it right.  I’m trying.  My goal is to have a letter that catches that agent’s fancy and he wants me.  Uh, my book that is. 

So, my mantra.  Make it right!  Make it right!  Repeat after me. 

Oh, and if you ever get the time, watch Holmes Inspection.  Or Holmes on Homes, his older show, on the same channel.  I highly recommend it.

Mr. Damon Bennett (just because he's cute and I like him)

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8 thoughts on “Make It Right!

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  2. Keep up the good work on the query! I’m sure it was frustrating to hear that your parents didn’t like your earlier attempts, but what a blessing to have them be honest with you. That is much more helpful than an “oh, that’s nice, honey.” Can’t wait to see you get published!

    • It was frustrating at first, and Pop can be a bit critical at times. But in the end, what I have now is much better. Still in the draft format, but it’s waaaaayyyy better. You need to keep going with yours as well.

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