A Royal Old Old Friend Update

So after being terribly excited over my typewriter, my father and I started doing research on it, just for fun.  Turns out my typewriter is from 1936 and in primo condition, worth around $500 or more.   My father actually found a place where you can purchase one in the same condition as mine, for decoration, for a small price of $867!   For decoration!

I think I will just keep mine for using.  I like it so much just for typing.  And just to show off some of it’s features, here is a bit of information about it. Enjoy!

Royal DeLuxe

Serial # A569018


The DeLuxe is very similar to the Portable Standard in style and function. It has the addition of a tabulator, a paper guide, and of course its signature “crinkle” finish and chromed bands. Down the road, the DeLuxe would be merged with the short-lived Quiet model and become one of Royal’s most popular models, the Quiet DeLuxe.

via Royal Typewriters.

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3 thoughts on “A Royal Old Old Friend Update

    • Thank you. I went Binging pink typewriters when you said that…. Oh wow, they look like so much fun! But pricey. Course mine would be pricey too if I had to purchase it. I got lucky on a second hand store. I hope you do find that pink one. I think all you would need next is that pink phone from the 50’s…. Fun fun.

  1. I just found the exact typewriter on e-bay and look to be in excellent condition. I’m excited because I spent $100.00 on it. I can’t wait to begin writing with it. Do you know where to purchase the correct ribbon for this model?

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