A Waste of Good Paper

William Faulkner's Underwood Universal Portabl...

Maybe if I had a place like this to work, the ideas would come better. (Image via Wikipedia)

Last night I spent about an hour at my typewriter trying to work on an idea I had.  I’ve been mulling it around for a while now.  A story about a really good girl who meets a guy who owns a tow truck.  He’s a decent guy, but he has tattoos. 

I’ve never dated a guy with inking, and most of the time I would never even consider it, but there is a part of me that absolutely loves it.  So, you have the conflict department there.

Any ways, there I was, tapping away.  I should have known right off the bat I wouldn’t have anything with not being able to even name my gal heroine.  I sat there thinking and I finally asked my sister for a girl’s name.  We ran through Liz, Megan, Emily, and one other I can’t remember, I finally settled on Emily, because it sounded like a sweet name.  I’m not that hip on it, but I figure I can go change it.

Then of course I needed a last name.  So, finally I had that.  I started typing.  And typing.

One page in I stopped.  I did get a full page typed, but I think it was just a waste of my time.  What I ended up with was not a good start to a story.  Actually, I think it’s pretty crappy.  Absolute drivel.

Apparently my creative side was not all there.  And I really have no idea how I even want to work with the story.  I’m not even sure I have something.  It was just me playing around.  I have so many other things I want to be typing, but I wanted to see how tapping/plunking out something new on the typewriter would be.  So far, not so good.

Cover of "The Beach House"

Cover of The Beach House

I have been working on something that I’ve already written, and now I’m changing the style to a different POV (point of view) so I’ve been typing that out.  I just finished The Beach House by Jane Green, where  the POV is third person omniscient but done in the present tense.  ‘Is’ instead of ‘Was’.  It’s not the easiest way to write, but it creates a whole new perspective.  I’m actually enjoying it.  I don’t know if I could ever write a book that way, I mean, a whole book.  What I’m doing right now would be considered short story length.  I forget sometimes to put verbs in the present tense.  Rarely do you see a story written in this style.  It’s usually past tense. 

Good practice for the brain. I have to think about it a different way.

So, that’s about the extent of the week so far.  I would like to be typing more, but I’ve gotten distracted terribly in the evenings when I sit down to write.  And I can’t type on the typewriter after ten as it would be too loud for certain people.  So I’m starting to feel guilty.

Thank you Albert Berg and your writing every day and your posts about making a commitment.  NOW I feel even MORE guilty when I don’t write.


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