That Gorgeous Clacking Sound of Words Being Typed

That gentle whirring...

Oh my gosh! I’ve become Frank, Greg Kinnear‘s character in You’ve Got Mail.

I love my typewriter. 

You know that little bit in You’ve Got Mail where Frank wrote about his love for his typewriter and the gentle whirring it made?  His was an electric typewriter, and he has three just himself.  At least the three in this household belong to three different people.

But I’ve come to love my typewriter.  I love seeing a blank piece of pristine white paper, waiting to have words typed upon it.  I  love seeing  the black type of words filling the page.  I love that I don’t have to turn anything on to type, and I don’t have to turn anything off when I’m done.  If an idea comes to me, I can go type it up really quickly instead of waiting to wake up my computer, then having to save whatever it is I’ve typed.  I already have a hard copy.  Right there in my hand.  Hey, I don’t even have to print it.  It’s already printed!

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Oh, here’s something really positive.  If you spill a cup of coffee, or anything else liquid on the typewriter, you don’t fry a mother board. Come on, how much better can you get? (Take that, you techno junkies out there!  Ha ha!)

Yesterday afternoon I had this idea I wanted to get down.  So I typed up a broad range of what I wanted.  Grammatically it wasn’t correct, so unlike a computer, I didn’t have to have a separate document screen open to type up a better version.  Had I wanted a new sheet of paper, no problem, but I just advanced down the page a couple of lines.  It works perfectly.

I have found I’m more cautious about what I type though.  I don’t just freely type anything.  I’m more cautious as to what words I choose, and how long I make my sentences.  I remember something like that being said by Harvey Keitel’s  character in Shadows in the Sun

It was actually that movie that made me want to pull out my typewriter.  Even Mrs. Day knew I would pull out the typewriter after she saw the movie.  (she knows me well)

So, I am more careful on what words I choose when I type.  I tend to be lavish with my descriptions.  I love trying to describe something I’ve come up with in my mind.  I try to get it as detailed as possible, yet still keep the word count down.  Trying not to make the sentences  as long as a paragraph.

Trying to curb that tendency is hard as I love to ramble.  Being concise is a challenge.  So working with my typewriter may help me tone it down some.

But I can’t get enough of my little baby.  I always wondered about that part in the movie where Frank was going on and on about his typewriter.  I totally get it now.  And yes, I totally get that I am weird.

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