Top Three Favored Posts

I already posted on my other blog, Kate’s Bookshelf, my top three posts that I’ve enjoyed writing since starting the whole Post A Week 2011.  I know, I’m not being terribly inventive.

First favorite post. The Nostalgia of Word Processors.  I have to thank Albert Berg, because without his posting of the program Dark Room, I would have never typed this up.  I liked being able to reminisce about word processors.

Second.  Like I said on my other blog, there is no specific order to these posts.
Writing By Lantern Light.  I was really hooked on a Sarah McLaughlin song, Song For  A Winter’s Night.  I was home alone eating dinner with a lantern going and the cozy feel just hit me.

Third.  The Magic Title of Writer.  I got to work out some of my insecurities in stating if I’m a writer.  It has helped me.  Along with the really positive feedback.

I’d say that at times, writing on a blog about writing, can be harder than posting random thoughts.  I have to make a conscious effort to not just go off topic.  I specifically set up this blog to help me if I ever get published.  A bit more professional than my own more personal one.  So at times, thinking of writing, when I don’t want to be writing, or haven’t been writing, fills me with guilt.  I look at this as a work in progress.

So, for now, there you have it.  The top three posts I liked writing.  I have a couple other I enjoyed too.  They all relate to my typewriter.  So if you are interested in reading those, just go to the tag for that.

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