Eureka! And All Those Lightbulbs

I posted a week and a half ago about wasting paper on a story that just didn’t seem to be flowing.  I had the idea, but when I typed it up, it just didn’t work for me.  You can read the post here.

Lightbulb Moment!

Well, that Eureka moment hit me the other night when I was watching Holmes Inspection.  I’ve already posted on how I love that show, but anyways.  I was trying to figure out this hero character that is a nice guy, but has a fair amount of tattoos.  My main idea was a tow truck owner.  And it just didn’t work.  For some reason my idea just wasn’t flowing.

Watching Holmes Inspection, as I’m dreamily staring at Damon Bennett, it came to me. Blink! Lightbulb. 

Yeah, I know, but this was all I could find that relates to carpenter and a tattoo. Sue me

Have the hero be a contractor that comes to fix a major problem in the heroine’s home.  The heroine who is a prim, very good girl, girl.  So of course Mr. Contractor will be there quite a bit…. Leaves lots of room for interaction.  And yes, I know. Terribly typical romance story crap. Sue me. I doubt I will ever publish a romance novel, but if I do, you won’t be laughing so much.

Yay! I have my story idea now. 

See. Vampire. Named Damon. Pulleez help me.

I also happen to have names. Well sort of.  The girl’s name was Emily Southerland.  Not anymore.  She’s now Nora.  Isn’t that a lovely name?  I like it.  So girly and old-fashioned pretty.  I’m running around with names like Lucien, Lucas, Damon, and a few others for the hero.  Something darkish.  And let me ask, why are all those names used for vampires? Or werewolves?  Why don’t you have an Owen vampire.  Or Paul?  I know in the Sookie Stackhouse stories you have Vampire Bill, but that’s just a bit too normal.  And I always thought it odd.  Hence why I’m partial to Eric Northam.  Has nothing to do with Alexander Skarsgard‘s portrayal. Nope nada. *whistles nonchalantly*

And I’m really digressing there.

So, Heroine. Check.  Hero, (nameless sort of). Check.

And I am going to write in that nonstop way that I always do.  Do I have an outline?  Heck no.  I do not do outlines as I’ve stated previous times.  I’m glad to see Albert Berg has joined the dark side of no outline.  See his hilarious post  from today. Uncharted Territory

Hey Albert!  Welcome to the club of just writing.  It’s a fun world.

So, I have my idea and I feel good.  I need to sit down and pen it, but having the idea is half the problem.  And it’s not like I need something else to be writing, but hey, welcome to my life.

I actually need to sit down and work on the children’s books, but hey, that’s WORK!  lol.  I will get around to it soon I hope.

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