Keeping Ideas Straight

This has not been the week to work on blogs.  I’m only writing right now because I want to keep this whole post a week thing going.  So if I sound a bit lack luster, you know why.

All of my comp books are different colors like this

I don’t know about anyone else, but keeping track of ideas is sometimes a struggle for me.  Partly because I enjoy writing in composition books, but having five on hand for each different idea gets a bit annoying.  Usually I don’t stay on one idea for long.  ADD, call it what you want, but I am forever working on about three different ideas at once.  Or adding to the ideas with more ideas. 

So, the composition books usually end up having a host of different ideas in them.  I’ve gotten to the point where with one book I’ve started making an index of sorts.  And yes, I’ve started numbering the pages.  (Honestly I wish composition books came with the pages already numbered) 

The problem comes when I want to combine thoughts and ideas, but pages are filled up.  I do try to keep sections of each book devoted to certain ideas, but I still tend to get things mixed up.  The other day I was flipping through one book and I found two paragraphs from a story, that I had no idea was there.  I had forgotten I’d even written it.

Oh, and then there was the start of a line, that was never finished, and I have no idea where I was going with that idea.

One of the prompts for  Daily Post the other day dealt with an idea box.  I really like that idea, but first off, where would I put that box?  And do you know how many ideas I get a day?  I get ideas from just about every Country Living magazine I look through.  I have binders of information and pictures.  Most of my written things are in the composition books.  Those would be pretty hard to put in a small desk  box.  I mean, think about how large that would be.

Yet, I still like the idea.  Here is the post, and I recommend it to writers.  

10 Reasons Every Writer Should Keep an Idea Box | Shari Lopatin: Rogue Writer

Well, so that’s my week.  Okay, not really.  I have been working on a story for a much more adult theme, and having it edited by a volunteer service with the site I’m a member of. It’s been enjoyable to work on something and actually deal with a real person editing, instead of just my spell check and myself.  Myself isn’t always the best editor.  It’s been nice interacting with someone and hashing out ideas.  And on the plus side, this story has the chance of becoming a real book at some point.  It has a plot and everything.  Betrayal, torment, anger, redemption, love, romance, people you can connect to.  It’s really quite amazing.  And it’s been fun to work on.

Now if I had that much motivation for the query letter.

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2 thoughts on “Keeping Ideas Straight

    • You know, I think I got caught up in all the colors on eyear, and now, I rarely find just plain black ones at Walmart. What I would really like is college ruled ones, but I never seem to find those.

      Numbering the pages takes time. So not all of them are, but I try to add to the numbering if I’m in a certain book.

      Thank you so much for your positive thinking! love it.

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