A Tale Of A Writing Partner

I have been reading a few other writer’s blogs and one thing that has caught my attention, besides the search engine weirdness, is that writers seem to have writing partners.   Someone to bounce ideas off of and to just discuss things that are for writing.

I want a writing partner.

Sorry J and M, both of you are great, but we end up talking life and stuff instead of writing.

I would love to have someone to discuss the ins and outs of writing.  Someone who might be in the same quandary I am with query letters, or maybe someone who has been there before and gets it.  I have millions of ideas and sometimes it would be nice to have someone to help plot.  I’d like to help encourage and discuss someone’s work with them.  You know?  A symbiotic relationship.

The most I have in that realm as of right now is a volunteer editor for something I’m writing.  It’s been great to discuss where I’m going with characters and what I plan to do.  Having someone to take a look at what I’ve done and put their spin on it so that it flows way better than what I had originally. 

I get stuck in a rut occasionally with my writing and I type the same way.  When I’m reading it to myself, it sounds fine, however, when the editor has gone through and changed things around, I’m amazed at how good it sounds.  I literally am thrilled with the story.  And I’m reading it like it was done by someone else.  It’s amazing.

This is also the first time I’ve been excited about my characters.  Oh sure, I love all my characters, but these two in particular, Hugh and Lucy, well I just can’t wait to see what they do next.  No, really, Hugh especially, surprises me and I’m forever thinking, Wow, that’s really cool.  And he’s not even real.

I never understood when writers said their characters were always surprising them.  I thought, well you are writing the character, how can it surprise you at all?  I mean, do you really not know what your character is doing?  But I get it now!

So, there I am wanting to find out what happens with these two.  Will they make it?  Will they fight, make up, end it all better?  Okay, well I actually know how I’m going to end the story, but it’s all the in-between stuff that is exciting.

But back to my original statement.  I would love to have a writing partner.

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4 thoughts on “A Tale Of A Writing Partner

    • I never knew there was such a thing either until recently. It does make sense, doesn’t it? And thank you. I do hope to find one, but I’m not worrying if I don’t. Fortunately I do have a few people I can send certain things to for either them to enjoy, or to give some feedback. 🙂

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