To Marry A Writer?

There was a time, even quite recently, I thought I would love to marry a writer.  They are scholarly and deep thinkers.

Then my brain actually started thinking.  Am I nuts?  I am a writer, why would I want to marry a writer?  I’m crazy enough without adding to the mix.  Can you imagine how cluttered and unorganized a house must be with two dreamers in the mix?  I can, and I shudder to think about it.

I’m cluttered and unorganized enough for more than one.  I have this insane filing system that does not work, yet I still can’t figure out a better one.  Keeping notes is more of a matter of any loose scrap of paper that happens to be lying about.  It just really can be scary at times.

And dreamers/writers are easily distracted.  Trust me.  I know that I have a form of ADD.  There can’t be anything else to explain it.

However, knowing all of this, there is a magical quality to a writer…….

Dreamy writer

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3 thoughts on “To Marry A Writer?

  1. I can relate… I always thought I’d marry a musician someday. Until I realized that I’m always going a million different directions & need someone stable to balance me out. 🙂

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