Happily Ever After Endings

I don’t know about other women, but I’m a girl who likes lives for the  happy ending.  Some people (Albert Berg I’m talking to you) enjoy the not so happy ending.  I don’t get that.  I’m not into feeling off, lousy, sad, etc. when I finish a book or story.  I look forward to that zing of yay.  I love that giggly-bounce-in-my-seat feeling.

I can’t even understand writing the sad ending.  It’s a concept that is so far beyond me.   So, my goal in writing is to always have that happy ending.  It isn’t always easy to write.  I hate being cheesy.  I’ve read enough romance books to just shake my head wondering if people really had any idea how they were writing. 

Some endings shouldn’t be happy. I get that.  I mean, sometimes a character doesn’t do what you want, and you have to end it sad.  But I just don’t want a character like that.  Now, I do have two characters, guys, in one story that isn’t going anywhere, but it’s my fun relaxing work.  These two guys, Milo and Owen are night and day apart. I love them both.  One’s a playboy, one’s a decent hardworking steady guy.  They are both adorable.  My struggle comes in trying to pick the obvious choice and make the story predictable, or switch it up, have it a smidge sad, but end with everyone knowing that it is how it should be.

Again though, happy ending.  The guy get’s the girl, the bad guy dies or goes to jail, or in the case of romance books, he’s scorned or punched or something….

This is also why I love epilogues.  I love to know that it all has gone well in the future.  I don’t need the after happily ever after, but that little bit of just more.  Even if just a few days.  It’s that final sigh.  That happy ending. 

So, do you need the happy ending?

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5 thoughts on “Happily Ever After Endings

  1. The most wonderful thing about life is variety. You get to write whatever kind of ending you want. And I’m not against happy endings. I just like something with a little twist. I guess what I’m saying is, be true to what and who you love and you won’t go far wrong.

    • I’m mostly teasing you, because I don’t get the ‘twist’ type endings. They tend to leave me disturbed…. Like your fingernail story. I wanted to hear it, but it left me walking away with a shiver. And yes, I will be true to what I like…. 🙂 Thanks as always.

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