At Times I Worry My Father

So I think Walter is concerned about me. He found a magazine in the garbage today that had words cut out of it. He wanted to know who I plan on kidnaping. I have to admit that it is kind of disturbing to look at my word clipping as a possible kidnaping. When I said I also cut out a pair of shoes, he said that those could be used for something as well.

Apparently he doesn’t want me to leave evidence of my ransom letters lying around the house. It might be tracked back to him. I told him I doubted anyone would think of me and kidnaping in the same sentence.

For the record, I was taking a cue from Susan G. Wooldridge and her suggestion of word tickets. So, I’ve started collecting words from magazines. Like I need something new to collect. Anyways, the fashion magazine was lacking any decent fashion advice, but it had some excellent words.

Adventurous, gorgeous, Wild, full price, jungle, African safari, just to name a few. I can’t wait to find some tickets to paste them onto. 

I am wondering though, after I told Walter about what words I had picked out, how African safari would make someone worry about that kidnaping thing.  I mean, seriously,  where or why would I go there?  And I certainly wouldn’t send someone there.  Sometime’s I’m worried about Walter.  And sometimes I think he’s too worried about me.

If I ever get some word tickets made, I’ll post a picture of them.  I just want to find some of those blue admission tickets. I like those best.

So, until then, I shall continue my plot to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!  and keep cutting out words and worrying Walter…..

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