The Ha-Ha-Ha of a Romance Writer

I’m reading a book by Rachel Gibson, a winner herself of the RITA award.  Clearly this woman knows her stuff.  She writes romance.  Not women’s lit, but romance.  The book I’m reading is about a woman who is a romance writer.  Ironic, isn’t it?

Got to love those covers...

Anyways, one thing was brought up in the book.  How romance books are not considered fiction and works of art.  I’m sorry, but seriously, are those books Stephen King writes real life?  Why is it that romance is made so much fun of?

Now, I likes me a good romance book.  I have specific qualities about how I want them to be, so I of course I have my own tastes.  There are some really bad romance books out there, but then there are some really funny ones as well.

And the thing is, I write romance.  Or I attempt to.  I do not have anything beyond a few pages and ideas here and there.  I don’t tell many people this, especially Walter and Mrs. Day, as they really probably wouldn’t get it.  But why is it made fun of?  Should any fiction be made fun of just because of the genre? 

Albert Berg writes about zombie apocalypses.  I write romance, Stephen King writes horror…. Just about all of them run in the ‘fantasy’ department.  Rarely do any of the three happen.

There are not Dukes waiting to sweep some governess off her feet.  Zombies are not about to take over the world, and killer dogs do not go running around eating things (that was a Cudjo reference, not that I’ve read the book or watched the film, nor do I have any plans to. EVER)  It’s just fiction.  Made up stories by the ideas in the author’s brain.

Nothing more, nothing less.  So why should any of it be made fun of?

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