Writing From a New Angle

I’ve spent the past month and a half struggling with a chapter of a ‘book’ that just wouldn’t be written properly.  Trying to rework areas, adding here and there, adding way more detail.  It just wouldn’t go together properly and I have been quite discouraged.

Then I happened upon a bit of advice from a romance book, of all things, and it has suddenly opened up new ideas for me.  I was reading Rachel Gibson’s  ‘I’m In No Mood For Love’, yep a definite romance book.  A phrase that caught my attention was

“Writing? Not really.  More like typing and deleting the same opening paragraph.”
“You’re stuck?”
“Something like that.”  He took a drink.
“Whenever I get stuck, it’s usually because  I’m trying to start a book in the wrong place or I’m going about it from the wrong angle.  The more I try to force it, the more stuck I get.”
Isn’t that amazing advice?  I certainly think so, and it is possible that that kind of advice has been around for a while, and other writer’s know about it, but I thought I would mention it anyhow.  There is so much advice out there that sometimes the little things get forgotten.

I can see how Wild Child’s friend has good luck using Post-its so that she can reorder the scenario different ways.  If all your major details are on Post-its or index cards, you can shuffle the ideas around.

But even for simple things like how you start a chapter, paragraph, even sentence, sometimes it takes placing it in a different order.  Like when you are writing a paper, you have all the information from sources, and now you have to rephrase everything so it doesn’t sound like you are copying the information.

Maybe if more writers did this, they wouldn’t have so many things in that proverbial drawer, box, file of unfinished or forgotten things.  I know I’ve dropped things because I can’t make them work.  Albert Berg has given up his Civil War story, which is a shame, but I understand.  Maybe at some point he will get back to it by trying a new angle.

Hopefully this will be of some help to someone.  If not, it’s worked for me and given me the jump-start to continue on with a story that I desperately wanted to continue.

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