There’s Ink On My Fingers

Cover of "Suddenly You"

Cover of Suddenly You

“There’s ink on my fingers, not on the paper….”

Sounds like the start to a song, right?  Uh, no, it’s just me.  Nothing more.  I was writing with my fountain pen the other day and when I finished there was a lovely brownish stain on two fingers.  Apparently I had grabbed the nib in the wrong spot because my pen does not leak.

But this didn’t bother me.  I loved having ink on my fingers.  It means I’m writing.  There is a character, Amanda Briars, from a Lisa Kleypas book, Suddenly You, who is a writer, and she is forever trying to get the black ink stains off her fingers.  She uses lemon, so she smells like lemon, which is one of the reasons the hero is attracted to her. 

The part I like is well, Amanda is a writer, and it shows.  I was commenting to a sales woman the other day when I bought my hat, that I had the pens, the typewriter, and now the hat.  Very writer-esque.  Now all I need is to get that book published and I can say I’m a writer author.   And I feel like this is my year.  It ought to be after two years of trying to figure out which direction in publishing I was going to go.

I like having the physical evidence of ink on my fingers. I feel like I’m actually accomplishing something.  Doesn’t matter that I have a sheaf of papers, that is a story, in my hands, I like ink on my fingers.

Maybe I’m weird.  You don’t get that feel when you use a computer, unless your fingers were wet when you took the paper out of the printer and smeared the ink.  Though I wonder if laser jets smear.  Anyways, you can sometimes get more of the ‘dirty’ writer feel on a typewriter, partly because at some point or another you are going to have to unstick keys and you will get some ribbon ink on your fingers.

Should it matter that I have that evidence on my hands?  Not really, but it does mean something to me.  Having it fountain pen ink makes it that much more fun, at least to me.  I’m probably a little cracked, but I am curious.  Any other writer out there feel that way?  Do you like having  some physical evidence on your hands or body that show you have accomplished something?

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2 thoughts on “There’s Ink On My Fingers

  1. I like to write in a notebook and then type it out. It feels more like I own it than on the internet or word-processor. It also feels like a secret. Someone would have to steal my notebook (highly unlikely) to be able to read it.

    Not exactly an answer to your question but thought I’d drop some empathy

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