It’s In the Kiss

 I have spent the past week and a half working on all things romance related.  I know, far from the picture books.  The romance I’ve been typing up has been purely for personal entertainment, though it will all eventually get posted on a site I belong to. 

It’s been fun to work on romance and love scenes and whatnot.  However, I have run into a predicament.  I am having trouble describing the kisses.  I blame part of this on the fact that my last kiss was almost two years ago, and my last really good kiss was  at least four years.  I’m seriously running in a dry spell.  And I’ve forgotten what kisses feel like. 


Gasp! Shock!  Horror!  I know.  I can’t believe that I would forget what one of my favorite things feels like.

However, that seems to be the case.  I’ve been reading a couple of romance books, and I’m trying to pay attention to how the kisses are described, but the problem is the author seems to describe all the kisses as wet.  I’m not even sure I know what a wet kiss is like.  I’m not sure I want one either.  But that’s beside the point.  Everything about these kisses are wet, and that just doesn’t appeal, so obviously it’s not helping.  And I don’t want to just copy what a kiss is like from how another writer said it.  I want to remember!

And kisses in books are so important.  Almost better than the sex, because, honestly, what will send those warm and fuzzy butterflies to the stomach.  A really good kiss that leads somewhere, or the sex?  Trust me, it’s that kiss.


Kisses are what make couples connect.  It’s what tells you that these two, the hero and heroine are meant to be together.  Slimy, wet, creepy kisses come from the bad guys.  The ones the heroine knees in a very sensitive spot.  Right?

You have to have a good kiss to make it all worth reading.  And to have a good kiss, you have to describe it so that you send across that butterfly feeling.  I know, because I have read some really amazing kisses.  Those, that even after reading the book several times, you come back for more and still get that ‘whew’ feeling.  The “is it hot in here” moment.  And I know half of you are going to glare at me, but when Edward first kisses Bella…… (yes I’m a Twilight fan, and Wild Child, you had best stop rolling your eyes and laughing)

Or Sweet, a kiss is a must have

That kiss still gets me.  And it doesn’t have to be a super sexy kiss. It can be the sweetest most chaste kiss, but sometimes those are wonderful.  I am, of course, since I’m writing romance, not writing chaste kisses.  Mine are supposed to be hot, but well, I’m falling short a bit.  Hopefully I can get it back, because I need them to be better.

And that’s my week of writing.  Perfecting the kiss. 

Does anyone have any suggestions for writing a good kiss? 

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