Why I Write Children’s Books

Cover of "Go, Dog. Go! (Beginner Books)"

Cover of Go, Dog. Go! (Beginner Books)

Why do I write children’s books? That question has played around in my head a lot in the past several months. I never thought I would go this direction in my life, nor did I think that it would be so important to me. When I started writing, I wrote romantic fiction, and I still do. I enjoy playing around with romance and everything.

However, I spend much of my time now, thinking about how to write a cool children’s book. I live on a farm where I see all kinds of things in nature on a daily basis and those things are what I find myself writing stories about. Only in a very fun way. I don’t want to teach lessons. I don’t want to be a non fiction writer. I loved children’s books as I grew up, and for years I was in the picture book section, long after a child should be, because by that point I was reading them myself. Whenever I go to a new library, the children’s section is where I want to check it out and see what books they have in it. If they have books I grew up with and how many of those.

I’ve been accused of being too old to be in the picture books. You know what? I don’t care. I love pictures. I love a charming or funny story. I still read young adult fiction, and juvenile fiction as well. I love when I find a story that is written well enough to attract me to it, even though I am almost 30. I don’t think I will ever lose my love of picture books, though.

Growing up, my parents read to me and my sister hours on end. We had, and still have as we do not part with books, all the picture books I grew up with. When my sister and I would go over to my grandmother’s, one of the first places we would go was to the bookshelf to read all the great books she had from Random House. That series of beginner books that we could read ourselves. We love the Dr. Seuss books. All the ones that rhymed and were easy to remember. I think Go Dog Go was one of my favorites, along with one called Put Me In the Zoo.

Those books have long been split between cousins, and my sister and I have a few of them, but I am attempting to find the rest of them to fill up the collection, for myself and my sister, who still loves to read picture books as well.

My parents impressed upon me the importance of a good book. And we started with picture books. They knew how important reading was, and even though Mrs. Day doesn’t like to read that much, and Walter only reads a bit, and only certain types, my sister and I consume books. We have read so much and my parents are sometimes a bit amazed at how much we love books.

There isn’t a day that goes by I don’t pick up a book to read something. Be it fiction or non fiction, I always have a book at the ready. I even take them with me for day jaunts because I never know when I’m going to have a moment to read.

It’s picture books that I love to write though. I am confident in writing them. I’ve had people tell me I should write a novel and that they love my style of romance. I had one person just the other day say that they would love to see me write a novel, but I’m not confident in writing that genre, even though I enjoy it. I am confident in working with children’s stories.

Mrs. Austen’s kids have been some of my inspiration now. The fact that they have enjoyed the few stories I’ve shared with them, has made it that much more of a desire to continue on. Even though I don’t have children myself, I do have children I write for, and I love it. I’m now always thinking of new ways to write something that I think they would love. I now also have numerous stories that are half written waiting for a few more thoughts before I can send them off to Mrs. Austen to read to them.

I don’t know if I will ever get published. I realized my letter, the query letter I thought was ready, still needs some work, so even though I wanted to get it off today, I probably won’t. I hope to be published. I want to share my books with other children so they can read what I have. Enjoy it just like I enjoyed all those other children’s books growing up.

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8 thoughts on “Why I Write Children’s Books

  1. Good for you! It’s great to write children’s books because children need their books, too. Just because you’re ten, or twenty, or thirty, or older doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy a nice read filled with pictures and the lovely moral.

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  3. That’s great that you know exactly what genre you want to be in. I wish you well in that.
    I haven’t reached out to him, but there’s a writer on WordPress also who has a children’s book called “The Giraffe who was Afraid of Heights”. Here’s the link: http://davidufer1964.wordpress.com/
    I clicked on his page and I think he was printed by Sylvan Dell. Maybe he would be a good contact to have.

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