The Children’s Books I Love

I just posted about why I wrote children’s books, but it dawned on me that I should list some of my favorites.  So here, in no particular order are books that have made an impact on me, or I just happen to really, really love them.


Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson

What can I say about Karma Wilson’s ‘Bear’ Books?  I love every single one of them.  I admire her work immensely, and I think she is one of the reasons I decided I wanted to publish my things as well.  Mrs. Day found these a few years ago, and had to have three of them.  I don’t read them all the time, but I would highly recommend them to any parent and person that loves a good children’s picture book.


Hubert’s Hair-raising Adventure by Bill Peet

I love this book.  My grandmother had it and we loved ‘making’ her read it to us.  It was classic good rhyme and the story was hilarious.  I loved the pictures as well, and it is probably one of my most favorite stories.  I love Bill Peet in general, but this one is his best in my opinion.




The Secret Staircase by Jill Barklem

Jill Barklem wrote the Brambly Hedge series about little mice and all the things they do to live.  This one happens to be my favorite just because of the mystery of it all.  I always wanted to find a hidden place that had been forgotten and only I knew about it.  It appealed to my imagination, which was great at an early age, and it is still one of my all time favorite stories.



Put Me in the Zoo by Robert Lopshire

This is a beginner book by Random House.  My sister and I love it, and we always had my grandmother read it to us.  My father loved it growing up, and somehow it transferred to me and my sister.  I don’t own a copy, but I want one desperately.  My grandmother has promised her copy to me, but I’ll believe it when it’s in my hands…..




Once upon a time in the meadow: A "six cousins" story (A Golden storytime book)Once Upon a Time in the Meadow by Rose Selarose

This book is charming and sweet, and so girly.  I loved it, and I still love to look at the pictures and read the story. 




Anna's summer songsAnna’s Summer Songs by Mary Q. Steele

This is a book of poems about summer flowers and plants.  I learned about this when  I was a bit older, in the preteen years, but I loved it.  Pictures were amazing, and I loved the rhymes as well.  The library had this book and the companion one, Anna’s Garden Songs, which was just as much fun.  At some point I need to get a copy of both books.


Thunder Cake by Patricia Polocco

Mrs. Day Read this to me and my sister when I was about 10 and I loved it. It comes with a recipe for this chocolate cake made with tomatoes.  When I was much older and visited the Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this was the first book I looked for after not seeing it libraries for years.  I loved it, and I still love the story.  What a great way to get children to not be afraid of thunder.



Over The Meadow (Wee Sing)Over in the Meadow by Wee Sing

This is the poem/song and I got it from the ‘tooth fairy’ when I was five.  I think it may have been the first present from the tooth fairy.  The pictures were fun, and the song was fun as well.  I think I wore my parents out with this song as my sister and I played it over and over and over…..


Snow by P.D. Eastman

Another beginner book by Random House, again, my grandmother owned this.  I have yet to get a copy, and need to as well, but I loved it.






I have so many other books that I love but these are the ones I have off the top of my head.  If I posted every book I loved, you would have a veritable library.  Which, I sort of do.  I’m still hunting for new books to read, and many of them are at the libraries and bookstores. I  don’t buy many children’s books; I don’t by many books at all unless they are at book sales, but I would love to own tons.  One of the newest books I feel I must read, mostly because of the illustrations, is Tallulah’s Tutu by Marilyn Singer. 

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4 thoughts on “The Children’s Books I Love

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  2. The Four-Year-Old and I just discovered the Brambly Hedge books last month, thanks to a chance entry on Snapdragons. The Secret Staircase is my daughter’s favorite as well. I love the diagrams that dissect the tree, showing all the rooms and passages, but my daughter simply adores the idea of finding a secret room in a house you thought you knew.

    • So glad you guys have found this wonderful series! Yes, the fact that you see the diagrams makes the story so much fun. You can follow along and see where they have all been. I always liked the idea of finding a secret room as well. Thanks for reading!

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