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Tom's Diner

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This has been a busy week, but not so much in the writing department.  Not for lack of wanting, but lack of time.  Despite that, I have been trying to keep my thoughts going and not stagnating.  I think one reason writers get writer’s block is because ideas get stale after time and you need something new to give you a jolt.  Something to wake up the senses and mind to something exciting and new.

For me, music is one of the best ways to keep the imagination flowing.  There are songs that tell a story, ‘Tom’s Diner’ by Suzanne Vega.  Then there are songs that inspire a feeling, ‘Sway’ by Michael Bublé, makes me think of romance and sex and hot summer nights.  Something sweet?  ‘As I Lay Me Down’ by Sophie B. Hawkins does the trick.  At least these all do it for me.

Music always keeps my mind thinking.  Granted, all music works for is my fiction writing.  Not children’s books.  But as romance fiction is my escape, I don’t mind so much.

Another thing that gets me thinking is being out in nature.  Walking in the sun, smelling the good autumn scent of burning fires and falling leaves.  Having those crisp clear days.  Sitting at a kitchen table with a good cup of tea while staring out the window.  Hanging laundry.  Now that always has me thinking.  Maybe it’s because hanging laundry isn’t the most exciting thing, but I spend most of my time working out plots.

The other day Walter told me I should wear my headsets while working on stripping elderberries off their stems.  Later I told Mrs. Day that I don’t need headsets most of the time to distract me.  I have so much to think about and work out that I’m rarely bored.  I wear the headsets when I’m doing something super boring, like picking raspberries in the summer heat, or walking to town when I want to drown out cars.  But most of the time, I could get by without even needing them then.  Just being, sometimes helps you work things out.

Now, all that being said, I did finish a story, had it edited, worked on the edits, which were minor, and got a reply story to mine.  So all in all a good week.  My mind is active.  I have this great idea for a short story titled Give Into Me, all because of the song with the same name, from the film Country Strong.  I am in love with the song, sung by Garrett Hedlund and Leighton Meester.  So, I may start something for that.  Who knows.

What about all of you?  What keeps your imagination flowing and the ideas from stalling, even if you are not writing?

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