My Reasons For Not E-publishing

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Give me a book any day, I HATE ebooks! (Image via Wikipedia)

 Just yesterday Mrs. Austen asked me if I had ever considered  publishing my children’s books as ebooks.  I thought I would take the time to delve into that answer here.

Now, first off, I don’t want to offend anyone that has an ebook.  Albert Berg, I think it’s great that you are doing it.  Mrs. Austen, if you want to go that direction, I support you 100%.

For me, I have never considered ebooks.  Now, they haven’t been out for very long, so you wouldn’t think I would have such a strong opinion about this, but I do.  Personally I hate ebooks.  I hate the Kindle, Nook, Ipad, etc.  I wish they had never been invented.  I will not ever do an ebook if I don’ t have to. 

Part of that stems from the fact that I don’t feel that an ebook you publish yourself is really being published.  For me, the whole journey to saying I am an author is going through the process of agent, publisher, editor, and actually having a book in my hands in the end.  To me, that is being published.  Anyone can e-publish (is that even a term?)  You can sell them on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble has a place as well.  Along with other various places.  I’m sure for some people it is great.  They get their work out and I’m betting some of them do actually go somewhere with their work.

To me though, there is a reason for the original process.  It weeds out the mediocre writers.  Query letters are a test to whether or not you will make it.  If you can’t get through the query letter, and the rejections and the perfection, then maybe, you are not ready for the publishing process. 

I was discussing this the other day with Mrs. Day.  That the query letter process weeds out the people who can’t get out a letter.  Or give up after sending it out once and being rejected.  Now, granted, I was accepted by one of the first companies I sent my work off to, but I was unable to continue. I have spent the last two years researching literary agents, agencies, whether or not I wanted to try my hand at submitting a query to a publishing company and many other avenues.  It has been a lot of hard work.  I was sick to death of my letter.  I was sick to death of thinking about it.  If I never have to see it again it will be too soon.  Okay, that’s not quite right as I will showcase it if my manuscript is actually accepted.

Suffice to say, the publishing process is a lot of work, and sometimes people are not as driven to deal with the world of traditional publishing.

Now, please, people, I’m not criticizing you.  I’m sure some of you are really great writers, (Albert Berg, I think you are great, even if your stuff makes me cringe) but to me, being published, means actually being published.

I’d say this is a pretty strong point for why I do not plan to e-publish(I’ll just use that word)  For those that want to, I wish you the best of luck. From what I’ve seen, promoting yourself is a lot of hard work as well.  Both avenues of publishing have a lot of work involved in them.  Both different, but still hard. 

Does anyone have an opinion on publishing an ebook?  I’d love to hear about it.



One thought on “My Reasons For Not E-publishing

  1. I am going the traditional publishing route first. As noted by many, if you go self-publishing you cannot go back. Unless you are selling 5,000 copies in a 6 month period then publishers are unwilling to contract with you. I love e-Books though, and I buy them for my nook if it is available, so long as it is either fiction, or a simple reference book or similar non-fiction book. Photo books still must be purchased in printed format, or any lengthy non-fiction publication.

    When a publisher adds an e-Book to BN or Amazon’s catalog, usually they also have the printed version as well. When an author self publishes, it is not as easy as you would think. I have a friend who has chosen this route (for her own reasons), and there is still a lengthy approval process despite the fact that she is “self publishing.” The only way around this is to actually become a publisher yourself, otherwise Amazon or BN will not carry your self published book.

    There are exceptions to the negativity for publishers also. If you have written a novella, you may as well publish it as an e-Book. Most periodicals only publish one or two per issue, so they are very picky about what makes it. You might make it into an anthology publication, but you are one voice lost among many, and otherwise book publishers will not touch them.

    I think there are times for self publishing, but anyone who wants to be a Writer (with a capital W) should attempt the traditional route first.

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