Well, I Managed to Annoy an Author

Well, I’ve managed to annoy a best-selling author with my little rant the other day on researching for books.  Hopefully that won’t mess up my career in writing, but since I’m in a completely different genre, I’m not too worried. 

Anyways, I went on about why you need to research for books, and my little post caught the attention of Matt Bondurant.  Apparently my “notion of research is clearly suspect, as you confuse anecdotal evidence with actual research. Because this never happened to you or your father it is not possible? You are mistaken. It can happen, and did. If you did research you would know that people have shot animals (and themselves) with much larger caliber weapons and survived, due to various factors. After this diatribe on “proper research” perhaps you should research irony.”

Whew!  I didn’t know it was a diatribe.  What would happen if someone really criticized someone’s book?  At this moment, I will still stand by my original post until someone comes along and shows me where a situation like I discussed, actually happened.  For the record, I didn’t know that the start of the book was anecdotal.   As the cover of the books says, ‘A novel based on a  true story’.  Well, prove to me this actually happened, then I will write a retraction.

Now, I don’t go around trying to offend people.  Far from it. I usually would be classified as a very good diplomatic type person.  I hate debates and arguing.  I never meant to annoy anyone. 

So, anyone want to jump into this controversy?

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One thought on “Well, I Managed to Annoy an Author

  1. I just read this comment from Winston Churchill, “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

    Not that this other author is an enemy, but he’s challenging you and criticizing your work…. AND he’s reading you! Not everyone is going to agree with our point of view.

    I don’t think you’ve offended anyone. And maybe this other author has given you something to think about. One of my parishioners told me that the only way to not “p–s off” anyone is to stay in bed all day!

    Keep on writing!

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