From Critiques to Flash Fiction

Apparently this is the Flash Fiction logo... Who knew?

Wow, what a week.  I started last week off on a critique, and then that carried over to my dabbling in flash fiction.  Flash fiction seems to be all the rage all over the blogs these days. Or maybe it’s been something that all writers have dabbled in.  I’m not sure, and for the longest time I didn’t understand the point.  That was until I posted a little bit of something, Shower Fog,  the other day and Louise Jaques commented and said it was a great bit of flash fiction.

Turns out I’ve been writing flash fiction all over the place and didn’t even know it.  I’m forever writing little ‘scenes’ for who knows what and just stuffing them in files or notebooks to have on hand.  I place characters in little spots of action that may or may not make it into a book, but it helps me ‘flesh out’ a character.  It helps me define who they are and what makes them tick.  Many times it’s just my own subconscious, I think, asking for an out. I start writing about something I’d like to happen to me. 

You see, my life is very boring in the scope of things.  My Saturday nights involve watching a couple shows with my parents and sister and taking grapes off the stems to make raisins.  (Yes, that was my Saturday night this week)  So, writing about a character, even if the character may be me, makes life a little more exciting)

So, I think I shall continue to dabble in the ‘flash fiction’.  I have a couple more I want to write up and post over on Kate’s Bookshelf.  Hopefully this week, but you never know.

I’m also playing around with character profiles.  I read this book on a regular basis, and it’s over in The Library, Writing Romance.  Anyways, in the book there is the suggestion to write out all about the characters.  I enjoy that, but now I’m sort of trying to have like a little mini biography of characters.  Not even ones that I already have, but when I see someone interesting, write out what their life is.  If I have any luck with those, I’ll post them. I actually wrote one profile a while back using the image of Alexander Skarsgard’s “Eric Northman” as a very successful hotel owner.  I have a story plot for him, but so far it hasn’t gone anywhere.  Mostly because I haven’t sat down to write it out.  One day.

So, there’s my week.  If I get any more flash fiction posted on Kate’s Bookshelf, I’ll let you all know.

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