Finding The Time

That about says it all, folks.

This has been the week of finding time.  Time to write. Time to reply.  Time to do anything at all.  I’m struggling with finding the time to reply to comments and personal emails in a timely manner, but still have time to write  things that need to be written.  I’ve recently posted a few stories on a different site, but in the process, I’m now getting a bunch of feedback emails that need replying too, which in turn, I get more emails from replies I’ve replied to.  It can be somewhat daunting at times, and I’m not sure what to do.  Do I respond briefly and somewhat curt?  Which isn’t me at all. I’m warm and bubbly.  Probably too nice to a fault.

So, I’m stuck trying to ‘field’ all my emails and not let them get to me, but they are.

What is the proper protocol for replying to commented emails from unknown people who 1. want to compliment you, and 2. sometimes flirt with you while complimenting.  Does anyone know or have any suggestions?

And it seems like every time I sit down to write, that’s when something else needs to be done, or something comes up and gets in the way.  I seriously had planned to post here two days ago.  And here it is, three minutes to midnight and I’m exhausted, but I am doing this otherwise I might not find the time later.

Yes, I’m ranting a bit.

How do you find the time when everything seems to get in the way?  And then, that’s not adding in the time I spend reading, working, and a few other things I like to do.  Mrs. Austen once commented to me that I seemed to have schedules down really well.  Well let me set you all straight.  I don’t.   Organized?





And what world do you live in?

I don’t know how mother’s with children can be writers.  Course, most mothers are not spending three hours picking raspberries and mowing lawns, changing ice in 9 ice chests,  and feeding 70 chickens.  (that was all part of my day today.  Throw in three meals for the family, the dogs, a load of laundry, sorting two trays of raspberries to cook, sorting strawberries, and you can see what kind of day I had) There isn’t time in there to think, much less write.

And I had plans to work on some more flash fiction and write something about the Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan (I am not in favor of it).  Well, at least this post is getting done.  Oh, and I’ve been meaning to get my manuscript in manuscript format, and finish two other short stories.

Okay, I need to find a pillow and scream into it.

Maybe I’ll find time to tackle some of this in the coming week.

But if anyone has any ideas for tackling the emails and comments, please, I’d love to hear from you.

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2 thoughts on “Finding The Time

  1. Okay, I don’t get why you are receiving emails from people you don’t know. Can you set things up so you don’t? Perhaps you could redirect them back to your page. Then, write a blanket thank you for the compliments in the comments. Ignore the flirting. Which would be one of the reasons, besides a bad ex, why I opted for my pen name 🙂
    Good luck with all of that and find time for yourself. Also, you have permission not to reciprocate or write back.

    • The site, and it’s not here, is one that provides a place for people to send personal feedback that ends up in my inbox. I can either choose to reply, or ignore, if I want, and I usually like to reply. Sorting through how to reply politely and ignore the flirting and such gets tiresome to some degree. I do have a pen name there, but that doesn’t deter. In fact, I think the screen name caught too much interest. 😛 And thank you for your suggestions! Also the permission to reply or not.

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