The White Elephant Accolades

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Okay, I want to talk about the white elephant that haunts us writers.  This is the thing that you don’t talk about.  Everyone is dealing with it, but you don’t talk about it because it just isn’t polite.  Psst, I’m going to break the ‘rule.’

Writers need approval.

Yup, you heard me say it.  No one talks about this but honestly, if you are a writer, you may say you are doing it to get out your thoughts, but in all reality, there is a part of you that is doing it for recognition.  Some sort of acknowledgement that what you are writing means something to someone, somewhere.

We write, and we work at what we write, hoping that at some point someone will read it and like it.  We might not show off everything right away.  I still don’t show people half of what I write, but I still have plans to show people eventually.  But we do want people to read what we’ve written and approve of it.

There isn’t any writer that I know of that just puts all of their work away in a box just for their own amusement.  Unless they are a closet writer that no one even knows they write, but I’ve never heard of one of those. I suppose they do exist, and if you are one, please let me know.

We seek acknowledgement that what we have written is good.  Even if it’s bad, we seek the recognition that we did write it, even if it’s crap.  That just means that someone took the time to read what we’ve written.

We blog, hoping someone will stumble upon our words and let us know they are reading us.  We casually slip that we are a writer into conversations, hoping someone will ask what we’ve written.  Even if we have no plans to show them, we want to toot our own horn.

Everyone is trying to get some sort of acceptance in life.  Writers are no different.  We thrive off of praise.  We may bashfully take the praise.  Blushing and brushing it off, but in all reality, we really grab a hold of that glow you get when someone says they like what you’ve written, and we hold on tight.  It’s what pushes us forward.  The little zing of acceptance that drives us to continue on.

I can honestly say I am that way.  I don’t show off my work but to a select few.  My family has read only a couple of things I’ve penned.  Friends the same, if not even less.  I’m actually more comfortable with perfect strangers reading my work than my family.  I never know how they will react and I am seeking approval.  I want someone to say what I’ve written is good.  So, yeah, I’m picky with who I show my words to.

I don’t tell very many people I write, but I’m learning to slip it into conversation and to be more comfortable with it.

I am a writer.  Tell me I’ve done a good piece of work.  Thanks, but please, don’t gush over me.  (Okay, well go ahead)

A writer recently told me that we writers need to stick together.  I totally agree.  We need to let each other know when we’ve read something good.  Pass on those little bits of approval and acknowledgement. 

If you see me posting a comment on your words, even if I say just that I liked it, take it as high praise.  I don’t write very flowery accolades, but I truly mean it.

Oh, and people, pass on the love.  You will make some writers day.  I promise you.

(Side note.  I don’t need anyone telling me what a great post this is.  It’s just my thoughts.  Save it for something that is actually good.)

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2 thoughts on “The White Elephant Accolades

  1. Absolutely! We do have to stick together because often it is lonely work and it is frightening to put something out there because we reveal ourselves in our writing, to a certain extent. Even if it’s just to stop by and say hello, having another human out there acknowledge that we exist can help us. And if you have a kind word, all the better. That might be the only feedback some writers get back for months!

    I remember that you stopped by one day and left me some encouraging words, it really perked me up! Thanks again 🙂

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