I’ve Joined The Ranks

Well writers, it’s official.  I have joined the ranks of proud owner of a rejection letter.  I don’t know whether to frame the letter of have a good cry.  (for the record I plan to frame the letter, and I already had a good cry, or two… wait, part of that was the onions I was chopping for dinner…..)

It was a long shot that my first query would make a go.  Hopeful, yes, but still a long shot.  I shall triumph though.  I will not stop querying this agent until I have no more manuscripts under my belt.  I know that you all may think I’m insane, but I know this is the agent I want.  And while the first thing I queried him with didn’t work, that doesn’t mean something else of mine won’t.

Now, my thoughts today circled around the fact that lots of people have had rejections.  Rejections make you stronger.  You learn from what you might have done wrong.  Some people have had to query lots of times.  Bla bla bla.  Yeah sure, but really, the thing boils down to:  rejection hurts.  Talk about a downer for the day.

Richard Castle (yes I know he’s fake, but Nathan Fillion does make him so much more real…)  Kept his first rejection letter, framed to remind him of where he’s come from.  That’s what I plan to do.  In some ways I’m proud of my rejection letter.  It means I took the steps to put my work out there.  While it may suck, it’s part of the process.  This isn’t some fly by night fling I have with writing.  This isn’t a game.  This is what I want my career to be. I want a business card that has my name and writer underneath. 

Oh, note to self:  don’t open self-addressed stamped envelopes that have an agency on the from line, in town where all kinds of people can see your face fall, your eyes fill up with tears and a sense of loss.  Talk about embarrassing. 

Yup, uh, that was me today.  No, there weren’t all kinds of people, but there was one friend.  I read the letter and my father asked me what was up.  Of course I couldn’t quite get the words out, so I just sort of waved the paper around in some sort of “please grab this from me” fashion and attempted to keep my mascara from running.  I think I managed, and all, but, well, I won’t do that again.

Oh, and for the record,  an SASE is not a good thing from an agency.  You pretty much should know right off the bat that it’s a rejection letter.

On the upside, I do have other manuscripts.  This agent turned down the first letter of an author he represents, and the rejection letter, while being a form letter, was incredibly kind and personal.  I almost had to reread it a few times to see where the ‘form letter’  part was.  I finally found it with the ‘Dear Author’.  LOL  (yes, I just did that stupid acronym. Sue me)

So, onwards.  I shall attempt a new letter, and in the hopes of sending it off this year.  Not next, but this year.  The first query took me over a year to write.  I won’t do that again.  Besides, I probably don’t need to fill in this query with all the same back info.  Course, I don’t know if they will keep my query on file, but I kind of hope they do.

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4 thoughts on “I’ve Joined The Ranks

  1. Rejection always hurts, whether it’s the first time or the twentieth. Failure isn’t getting knocked down. Failure is staying down. So it’s great to see you say, “I shall triumph”, because those of us who read your writing know you will.

    • Well thank you so much, George. If anything, this will just keep pushing me on. I just am so glad I have one down. I know now what it feels like, and I know how to view it. Course I may not feel the same after say 10 rejections, but the woman that wrote The Help, was turned down 60 times! She made it, and I’m sure it was hard. This is just one little one. I can do this if she did it. Thanks so much for your support.

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