They Shredded My Letter?

They must have one of these in their back rooms….

So, last week I posted on my rejection letter….  Well I called the agency to find out if they keep my letter on file.  I figure, if they do, then I want to tailor my letter a little bit differently.  Turns out, they don’t keep the letters they’ve rejected.  Nope. 

Instead, they shred them.  Shred them!  My letter was shredded!  That pretty letter that was printed several times on nice new computer paper that is higher quality.  Edited up the ying yang so that there were no mistakes.  Pretty signature.  Oh it was a gorgeous query letter.  And they shredded it.
I understand that they can’t keep every letter.  Can you imagine the files?  It would be a mess.  I mean, the reason I got the form letter was due to the amount of submissions they are getting.  But it is just kind a heart stopping thought.
Well, at least I know that I probably have to go with the same greeting when I send a new letter, and as that took forever to figure out, I’m glad it’s done.
The hardest part, at least I think, for the query letter is the pitch and synopsis.  I’m never sure how to write it.  I can’t even imagine having to condense a novel into a small synopsis.  I’m having a hard enough time picking the highlight points of a picture book.
So, tomorrow is a new week.  I shall start to work on the new letter tomorrow.  As in, this new week and tomorrow is the start of a new week.  I had little parts of a letter started at the beginning of the year, because this new story was the one I had planned to submit.  Maybe it would have been accepted then. I don’t know. I don’t know why I decided to finally go the direction I did.
Well, all I know is it’s a new week.  New promises, new hopes, and new ideas.  Moving forward is good.  As much as I’d like to wallow in my rejection and say I quit, I don’t want to be like all those other people who have told me they’ve written something, submitted it, been rejected, then just gave up.  Kathryn Stockett submitted The Help 60 times before she was finally accepted.  One little rejection letter is nothing if this woman submitted queries sixty times.  That takes guts.  That takes grit and stamina.  That takes the will to succeed.  I like to think that I have that will.
So, this is just a continuation of my post the other day. 
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